May 23, 2024

    One of the best search engine optimization strategies for 2018 is link building

    To ensure optimal success search engine optimization strategies should change as the surrounding architecture changes. So, why is link building one of the best things to incorporate into a strategy in 2018?

    The crawlers will use advanced link analysis to discover how pages are related to each other and thus which connected pages might be useful to show when someone makes a search on the search engine.  When you place links in an article the crawlers will see this as a great tick in your favour. Links will help the crawlers determine popularity of your site and they will also use them to determine trust in your site and to ensure that it isn’t spam. Trustworthy sites are only likely to link to other trust worthy sites and this is how the crawlers will build levels of trust in your site.

    Links will also give your site an air of authority and effectivity. It will make your content seem more trustworthy. Over the last twenty years, and maybe more, researchers have tried to gather a list of the best types of links to use in your articles. Here are a summary of the links.

    1. Global Popularity – the more links that the site that you link to has! The more it will seem bona fide. Thus, a link to Wikipedia will put you in good stead in this sense as Wikipedia has links to thousands of sites. However, as we all know we cannot guarantee that what is written on Wiki is 100% accurate. But the general rule is the more popular the site, the better results this will bring.
    2. Local popularity this is just the concept of ensuring that your link is relevant to your content and helps the story or article unfold and offer more information.
    3. As the internet is over half full of spam! Then this is a serious concern for the crawlers, as a result of this you will get more positive results from using authoritative sites such as universities, government ran agencies or websites, non-profit and charitable organizations and so on.
    4. Ensure that your links are current and happening do not link to has been sites or trends that have died a death. This will make you look old fashioned and out-dated.

    The next important factor to assess is the influence of others on what you publish on your site and social media pages, such as Facebook and what this will bring about for your business. You may have noticed an increase in the number of people who actually get paid for sharing and promoting other websites. They may call themselves beauty bloggers, or internet stars but a lot of the time their jobs are the same, spread the word about new products and companies. Spreading the word is a key part to ensuring business success in 2018. However, this is not as important as link building which is much more beneficial to your product, business or service.


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