June 13, 2024

    Success stories relating to fibroadenoma treatment in Los Angeles

    Fibroadenoma treatment in Los Angeles is carried out widely and successfully by many practices. Sensitive to your emotions and bodily functions extra care will be taken by all.

    Imagine the scenario of finding a breast lump your mind goes wild and immediately thinks the worst, in reality breast lumps are actually very common in women and can be a number of things. Some are caused by cysts which have formed in the breast tissue.  Some are just normal breast tissue which has become more pronounced. This singularity is called fibrocystic disease or fibroadenosis.

    Cysts are smooth lumps, and some are so large that they are visible through the skin. They can be painful and are more common in women between the ages of forty and fifty. They are diagnosed by an ultrasound or inserting a needle into the lump. It is only when this reveals bloody fluid that any further investigations or a biopsy would be necessary

    It is worthy to note at this point that fibroadenomas is not an illness or problem, as the breast tissue is still totally healthy. It is said to affect at least half of women in the US, at some point in their lives. Fibroadenomas are not a symptom of a disease but they are caused by an overgrowth of the breast tissue. They are common in women under 30, where they can often cause the worst fear as life expectancy and life experience are all brought into play.

    They do not remain in one place but do move around the breast area, they are diagnosed through a variety of clinical examinations such as an ultrasound or needle aspiration this is where cells are removed with the aid of a needle. You do not need to have your Fibroadenomas removed but you would need regular visits to your physician for check-ups which can be a little personal. You may therefore opt for removal immediately.  Two out of the three will need to be removed eventually, and the other one will reduce but it could take up to two years, so is it really worth the wait and the endless appointments?

    Another reason why it can be beneficial to get the lump removed as opposed to monitoring it is that it can grow during pregnancy or other hormonal fluctuations. You can obviously have it removed via surgery. There is also a process called cryoablation where a probe is inserted into the mass and it freezes the cells until they all die. This will permanently remove the fibroadenoma.

    A further reason to have it removed is that it can cloud the issue for further screening. If you develop a fibroadenoma or a cyst, this can increase your chances of getting breast cancer and the fibroadenoma might actually hide the real dangerous issue. Therefore, arranging regular screening should also be a consideration for the future if you have had a fibroadenoma or cyst, you should arrange this with your physician.


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