July 14, 2024

    Why it is important to become a “tech” pr company

    A tech PR company is a PR company that makes use of all of the technology that surrounds them or at least some of it. It is your job as a PR company to make your clients aware of what technology there is available to you and to show them how it benefits you and them. Quite often it will make some PR tasks much quicker and more accurate, this could keep down costs and should therefore be welcomed by your clients.

    Your clients are likely to not understand the technology and what it can do unless you explain it to them. Using the emerging digital platforms should give incredible results. It is your job to convince them that it does improve the situation for everyone so that you can continue to use the technologies available to you. It is part of your job in the twenty first century to encourage them to connect with technology as this is how their business will grow faster and further.

    The timeline to bring about real change through new technology is six to eighteen months and this is when the client may find it really hard to believe that the technology is working. Through this time, they have no tangible proof that this is the case and this is when your calm influential ways will have to show them that they need to wait and be patient. You might need to explain the power of the algorithm or current consumer behaviours.

    One way to express this is to discuss the cell phone, if you remark how many of us have a cell phone and how it is important in technology then they have an everyday reminder of how the world has changed. You must emphasize that the business world must move along with this. You can even explain how you use your own mobile to keep up with your job and again this can remind them of how modern business works, until you are able to show them through metrics that technology has indeed improved their business and brought about sales.

    4d technology has shown itself to be an impressive sales tool for architects, developers and builders alike. The client can practically watch the project come to life in from of their eyes. Which makes it a much more realistic and believable project or concept. It has been consistently proven that connecting with the digital age, if done correctly can increase sales ten-fold and can get your name noticed. Client reputation and strategy can all be played out online.

    It does not however end there; more and more new technologies will continue to emerge, and it is beneficial to take note of all of them and use them if you can. The public love new technology and so engagement is at an all time high. As a PR company if all of your competitors are using PR technology and you choose not to do so you will be left behind. It is important to embrace all that it out there and to convince your clients to do the same.


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