June 13, 2024
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    Various Flooring Options For Your Home: Things To Consider

    Choosing a suitable flooring material can be daunting, but there are a few things to consider before you select a flooring option. These include the type of surface you want (such as hardwood, tile, carpet, vinyl, or stone) and the material’s durability.

    DIY epoxy floor kits are advertised on the internet and in stores, but you should know what you’re getting yourself into when you buy one of these “easy” epoxy floor coating solutions. If you want to epoxy your garage floor, call a professional.

    Engineered Wood

    Compared to solid hardwood, engineered wood is cheaper and easier to install. It is also more durable and resistant to heat and moisture. With proper maintenance, engineered wood can last for up to 30 years.

    Additionally, it is more eco-friendly. The effects of deforestation are lessened. Additionally, its production uses less fuel and generates fewer pollutants as a byproduct.

    Cleaning it is also simple. It can occasionally be swept and mopped. Additionally, you won’t need to worry as much about mold and dust. Your hardwood floor will look brand new after having its rough surfaces, dents, and dings professionally removed by Soen Hardwood. We’ll replace it with the lovely hardwood flooring you remember. Your floors will look brand new once more.

    In addition to being strong and simple to maintain, engineered wood has a lovely, organic appearance. It comes in many different types of wood species. The most common varieties include oak, maple, hickory, and birch. These types of woods are also available in a variety of colors.


    Choosing the correct type of laminate flooring for your home is critical. The flooring you choose should be durable and easy to care for. This will help protect the resale value of your home. Also, it should have a good water resistance rating.

    There are three basic types of laminate flooring. The first is glue-down. It is made of planks or tiles that interlock. It’s a relatively cheap option.

    Laminate is also available as a floating floor system. This type is highly durable and easy to install. The flooring is usually sold in thicknesses ranging from 6-12mm. It may require a special sub-floor preparation.

    There are also glue-down laminates, which have pre-applied glue. This type is also very durable and easy to repair.


    Whether you want to make your home look stylish and retro or just looking for an eco-friendly flooring choice, linoleum is excellent. It’s easy to maintain and offers a long lifespan.

    Considering linoleum for your home, you should look at a few different styles. There are tiles, planks, and sheet flooring, each with pros and cons. If you want a softer, more natural look, go with tile.

    Linoleum flooring is available in a variety of colors. You can choose solid colors or printed styles to match your current decor. Also, linoleum features flecked designs, creating a more intricate pattern.

    Sheet linoleum is easier to install than tile, but you’ll need to glue down the bond. You can also choose a linoleum that is made from cork. These styles are ideal for people who are allergic to wood products. The cork also adds a little bounce to the floor.

    Natural Stone

    Choosing natural stone flooring materials is a great way to enhance the look of your home. They come in wide varieties and textures, giving you plenty of options.

    One of the most significant benefits of using natural stone flooring is its durability. The material is resistant to scratches and stains, making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas. It can also add curb appeal to your home.

    When considering using natural stone for your home, be sure to do your research. You can find many stones, from marble to slate, sandstone, travertine, and granite. Each has its own unique characteristics and personality.

    Natural stone flooring is also easy to maintain. It is resistant to wear and tear and is almost entirely recyclable. It can also save you money on utility bills.


    Choosing suitable vinyl flooring materials can help you find the best fit for your home. Whether you’re planning a major renovation project, looking for something to add warmth to your interior living space or want to replace your old flooring, there’s a wide variety of options available.

    Vinyl flooring is long-lasting, water-resistant, and simple to maintain. It is offered in sheet, plank, and tile form. It comes in a range of hues, fashions, and patterns. It’s an excellent choice for rooms where there is high traffic.

    Vinyl floors can be cleaned with a pH-neutral floor cleaner. Protecting the floor with drapes or blinds is also a good idea.

    Among the most popular types of flooring is vinyl plank flooring. It’s a durable surface that can last up to 20 years. It’s stain-resistant and is available in many colors and patterns. It’s easy to install.


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