April 24, 2024
    There are a lot of details which go into planning a party. This checklist will help you with your party planning and make sure nothing is forgotten.

    The Complete Party Planning Checklist

    In 2020, the event planning industry made an estimated $4.9 billion in revenue. Event planners handle everything from weddings to corporate events.

    Party planners are a lifesaver when you’re planning a wedding. But, for smaller parties it often makes more sense to do the scheduling yourself. 

    The trouble is, there’s a lot of party planning details to remember, regardless of the size of the event. 

    If you’re overwhelmed by the planning, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for a party planning checklist that will help you stay organized. 

    3 Months Before: Pick a Date and a Venue

    The first thing to decide is a date for the party. Unless it’s a birthday or anniversary party, you can likely choose any date that works for you. Choose a date with as few conflicts as possible and good weather.

    You’ll also need to find a venue, or a place to host the party. If you’re not hosting at someone’s home, you’ll need to reserve an event room. Some places book months or years in advance, so try to be flexible. 

    2 Months Before: Book Entertainment and Create a Guest List

    Think about what entertainment you’d like for the party. Do you want a trivia night, a photo booth, a band, or a DJ? You’ll need to book this type of entertainment at least 2 months ahead of time. 

    If you’re considering a photo booth, there’s a ton of different options and you can find more information here about renting one for your party. 

    You’ll also want to ask your guest of honor for a guest list. Once you have a budget in mind, give them a number of people they can invite. This will keep the cost in check. 

    1 Month Before: Send Invites and Order Food and Drinks

    A month before the party, send out invites. Make sure to provide a deadline for guests to RSVP so you’ll have plenty of time to order food.

    Once you’ve got a head count for guests, you can order food from a caterer. You can always request a few extra servings for last minute party guests. Buy drinks at the grocery or liquor store or order them from a bartending service. And don’t forget to add something fun like this popcorn machine rental for example.

    A Few Days Before: Clean and Follow up on Orders and RSVPs

    A few days before the party, clean your house or make sure your event space is ready. Double-check with the venue if you’re not sure if cleaning is your responsibility.

    It’s also time to check in on any unanswered invitations. You can also check with the caterer to make sure they’re prepping for the right number of guests.

    The Day of the Party: Finishing Touches

    The day of the party, pick up the cake if you’re planning a birthday party as well as other food, if necessary. If you’re handing the bar yourself, make sure to buy ice and get a cooler ready. For the finishing touch you can try here and get yourself some nice party napkins.

    Set up the decor and make sure there’s plenty of room for the catered food. Check the weather and pick up any necessary umbrellas, candles, or blankets you might need.

    Party Planning Doesn’t Have to Be Stressful

    Party planning can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re doing. Hopefully, our party planning list will help you stay on track as you plan your event. 

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