June 17, 2024
    Have tens of hundreds of pesky weeds in your lawn? We'll help with your weed prevention and provide you tips to clear your lawn of these pests.

    Weed Prevention How-To

    What looks worse than a yard full of weeds? Not much, to be honest.

    Even if you’ve just got a couple of pesky and unwanted plants popping up, trouble could be right around the corner. Where one weed grows, more are sure to follow. But don’t panic – getting a handle on weed prevention can help stop the spread.

    Keep reading for our top tips on how to keep your yard clear of these unwelcome invaders and looking great all summer long!

    Prep Your Yard

    Believe it or not, weed control starts underground. Laying down fabric or plastic liners can help unwanted root structures from forming! Then, you simply plant what you want to grow in pre-cut gaps.

    Mulch can also play a major role in weed prevention – and you’ll see it mentioned in many landscaping tips. There is no downside to laying mulch at the base of your plants, and it looks great, too!

    Starting with a high-quality turf or grass seed is also essential to keeping weeds away. A well-rooted lawn allows far fewer opportunities for intrusion.

    Treatments and Turf Builders

    Giving your grass what it needs to thrive isn’t just the secret to a green lawn. It’s also a pillar of proper lawn care!

    Applying the right herbicide to your turf can keep weed seeds from ever sprouting in the first place. And, if your grass is looking a little bit patchy, you can also opt to use a turf builder or weed and feed product. This will help fight unwanted plants and help you grow new grass at the same time.

    Timing is everything when it comes to fighting weeds in your yard. So, you’ll want to apply these products the second you notice unwanted plants. Otherwise, they could have a chance to drop seeds – thus starting a whole second wave of invasive sprouts.

    Keep It up 

    A good foundation isn’t enough to keep common yard weeds away. You’ll still need to care for your lawn regularly if you want to keep it looking great. This includes pulling weeds by hand when you see them and using spot treatments to kill unwanted plants that keep coming back.

    If that sounds like a lot of work, you’re better off hiring a professional to care for your lawn. This service will likely include regular checkups and application of chemicals where needed, plus optional extra services like pest control.

    Total newbies can even hire a company to prep and plant, then care for their grass – nearly guaranteeing a beautiful weed-free yard. 

    Weed Prevention Made Easy

    Now that you’ve got our top tips for weed prevention, you’re ready to fight back. 

    Remember, taking action early can help reverse the hostile takeover happening in your yard. And, keeping up with weed prevention will keep those pesky plants from coming back.

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