June 15, 2024

    Sono Bello Can Restore Your Figure from Two Decades Ago

    *This article has no affiliation with Sono Bello and is strictly opinion based.*

    You’re clearing out old items from around the house, and you come across a few photos of yourself from 20 years ago. Your first thought is: “Is that really me? I looked so skinny!” All of a sudden, that familiar burning desire to lose weight and to get your body back on track resurfaces, and you vow to yourself that you will get your body back. The question is, how? Companies such as Sono Bello, which has scored positive patient reviews on online database website Vitals, offer cellulite reduction procedures that can help you to finally reclaim your figure from years ago.

    One cellulite reduction procedure that has worked for many patients in San Antonio and other parts of the United States is the Venus Freeze. Named after the Roman goddess of beauty, this procedure is the exact same one that many celebrities use to keep themselves looking youthful and alluring. Another option is the Venus Legacy, which is likewise aimed at enhancing your figure to make you look more attractive.

    The Venus Freeze and Venus Legacy essentially shape your problem areas by using a combination of magnetic pulses and radio frequency. During these procedures, you’ll first lie down on a bed and have a technician apply gel to the body part you’d like to tighten up. Then, the tech will use a gliding Venus applicator to reduce the cellulite in the treatment area and make your skin more toned.

    The bonus? The procedure will cause collagen as well as new elastin to form following the procedure, which means the shaping and toning will continue even after you’ve left the treatment bed.

    Following your Venus procedures, you’ll quickly look and feel like a totally newer, sexier, and younger version of yourself. In fact, don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting to recreate your “skinny” pictures from years ago with your family members just for fun this holiday season.


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