July 13, 2024
    Michigan is one of the newest states to legalize gambling in the U.S. Find out how it compares to other states around the country.

    Michigan Online Gambling and How It Compares

    Gambling fans in Michigan have been waiting patiently since the legalization of online gambling in December 2019 to join in on the fun. So since the turn of the year and the people finally free of their shackles, how does Michigan’s online gambling compare to other states? 

    Until this point, the state has missed out on online versions of casinos, sports betting, slot machines, and poker. With that in mind, it poses the question of how successful the online gambling world will be. Will it succeed and do better than other nations with similar options, or crash and burn?

    Michigan Online Gambling – How Does It Compare? 

    In giving a fair assessment, a few factors are vital to consider. Over this article, we will explore those factors and give you answers to how Michigan performs.


    In their second official full month of legality, online gambling pulled in over $95 million in receipts. Comparatively, in the same month, March, West Virginia and Delaware were unable to break $4 million. This is a substantial increase to their first month of February, where they brought in $79.7 million. 

    They were bested by New Jersey and Pennsylvania, which collected $114 million and $97.7 million respectively. However, in terms of percentage increase from the previous month, these two with 20% only just beat out Michigans 19.3% rise. 

    This proves that in its ascendancy, online gambling has proved incredibly popular in Michigan. With these trends continuing, online casinos are on track to make $760 million worth of revenue this year. 

    Amount Available to Bet on  

    Very few states offer the number of online gambling options that Michigan does. Joining the previously mentioned New Jersey and Pennsylvania at the forefront of widescale online gambling, Michigan is even bringing in elements those two don’t. With the introduction of betting on esports, Michigan could become the next powerhouse of US online gambling. 

    Other states in taking a more tentative approach, such as Illinois, haven’t added features such as online casinos and poker. This has caused them to fall behind states like Michigan in online gambling.

    Online Gambling Establishments

    In most categories, Michigan also finds itself doing well in the number of establishments residents are able to access. To gain an online gaming license, a company must be in partnership with a casino or an online game provider. They’re not restricted, however, to just partnering with the one, able to tie themselves to both if preferred. 

    This differs from one of the other large hitters, New Jersey, where real-world casinos also have to partner with online ones. Michigans simpler method will allow more establishments to set up a clientele in their state, giving them an edge. 

    Golden Nugget is currently the best online casino in Michigan, with the popular Draft Kings sitting in 4th. As the industry continues to grow, expect more popular chains to set up business in Michigan.

    Michigan Online Gambling – A Success so Far?

    With their first six months turning up a huge uptick in the Online Gambling industry with no signs of slowing, it’s a resounding success. The Michigan online gambling scene is only likely to grow as more companies join in and more betting features are added. 

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