April 24, 2024
    Cigars can be a great interest and hobby, but how should you smoke them? This guide for beginners explains how to properly smoke a cigar.

    How to Properly Smoke a Cigar: A Guide for Beginners

    Have you been drawn into the idea of smoking cigars? Smoking a cigar can feel like a luxury. There is an allure in laying back and enjoying a delicious cigar. You’ve picked out one of the top Cigars for Beginners and you’re admiring it, but you don’t know how to best enjoy it? Unsure where to begin and what you need to do to look like a pro? Reading on will give you a better idea of how to pull off the ultimate symbol of cool.

    Many people smoke them as a part of a celebration. No matter what the occasion, you need to be sure you’re smoking it right so you can make the most of the moment.

    Learn how to properly smoke a cigar today so you don’t waste the cigar or the moment. 

    How to Properly Smoke a Cigar

    When you’re starting out, you want to get a good cigar to smoke. A bad cigar can ruin the experience and prevent you from understanding what’s so great about smoking cigars.

    You can find good cigars online, like at Hootenyoung.com, where you can also find whiskey to pair with your choice. You don’t have to worry about the quality as long as you have checked out the seller and reviews. Once you’ve got the right cigar, you’re almost ready.

    Prep Work

    When you first unwrap your cigar, you’ll see the label on it. You might want to try and peel it off right away, but you can leave that on until you’ve smoked quite a bit of the cigar. The heat will allow it to peel off in time.

    Next, you might be wondering how to cut a cigar. You have to trim the end before smoking.

    You want to cut off the cap with cigar cutters if you have them, shooting for about an eighth of an inch. Different types of cutters will give you a different type of smoke, so consider that if you’re planning to buy some. 

    Lighting Up

    When it comes to how to light a cigar, the process, like the smoking of the cigar, involves patience. You want to toast the tip by holding the cigar a bit above the flame and rotating it. This is called toasting the foot and helps warm up the tobacco for when you’re ready to light it.

    You want to use a butane lighter if possible since a cigarette lighter will leave a taste and matches will run out faster. You can light it without even touching the flame to the cigar and puffing on it till you get smoke. You want it to light evenly so check the foot after.


    Don’t rush, and don’t inhale. When it comes to cigars for beginners, those are some of the most important tips. A cigar, unlike a cigarette, isn’t meant to be inhaled. You want to pull air in without breathing in, like using a straw. And you can puff this way every 30 to 60 seconds.

    A cigar should be enjoyed over time, so don’t go fast. Take your time and only ash when you have a good amount to let go. And if you don’t finish it, you can store it for later but be sure to cut well away from what was already smoked.

    Get Started

    Whether you have something to celebrate or simply want to experience the smooth and deluxe moment of puffing on your first cigar, with these tips you’re ready to start today. Knowing how to properly smoke a cigar can make all the difference when you’re ready.

    And if you found these tips helpful, keep reading for more good advice.


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