June 13, 2024

    Michael Volititch Essay Writing Practices That Translate to Great Essays

    Are you a student who needs to get an essay done for an important class? Perhaps you are a freelance writer like Michael Volitich seeking to make some money by selling your essays to a periodical or a website that features this type of storytelling.  If this fits a description of you or there is some other reasons for you to need to be a great essay writer, then you need to know that the keys are well known and achievable. If you are willing to put in some work towards your goal, you can become a great essay writer. Here are the things you need to focus on to become great.

    Write Consistently

    There is a story about Amadeus Mozart as a child who heard a musical piece played and a cathedral. At the young age of 4 he was able to go home and repeat the piece of music he had heard on the piano.  The story seems to say that Mozart did not have to work hard to become the great composer that he did. However like all stories it only gives you the Top Line parts of what actually happened, but it leaves out is how many painstaking hours, days and even years Mozart spent before he became a great composer. In fact it took him more than a decade of what some say was at times 10 hours a day practicing before people recognize him as special.

    The point is that no one ever became great add anything without doing it often. This is the same story with writing. To become a great essay writer you need to constantly right. When you write you need to focus on the core elements of good writing and make sure that you master them. They should be so well ingrained in you that you automatically align yourself with the proper way to write an essay. You should master sentence structure, grammar, story structure, and be Adept at creating great introductions and conclusions. You should also get to the point that the writing in the body of your essay is high-quality and entertaining. This will only come with lots of hard work and writing consistently.

    Share your work

    Many writers cocoon themselves and separate from others who might judge them. They feel that they are above criticism and that perhaps only certain people have the right to offer an opinion on their writing. This approach is the exact opposite that one should have when you are right her. This is not to say that you should share your writing at every stage with anyone who wants to read it, but you do need to have a circle of people that you can bounce ideas off and have read your writing to provide you with honest opinions about the quality of your work. Remember that you are writing for an audience and in the end someone will have to read what you have written and give an opinion as to whether they want to purchase what you’ve written or they will give you a grade for what you’ve written. If you have no idea whether what you have is quality work before you put it into their hands, chances are you will be really disappointed more often than not with the comments they make about your writing.

    Focus on these two important elements of essay writing and your writing will certainly improve.



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