June 14, 2024

    Sono Bello Can Get Rid of Your Excess Fat and Skin This Fall

    If you want to look like a million dollars this fall, you can’t go wrong with liposuction. However, sometimes liposuction just isn’t quite enough to fully eradicate your excess fat — and the excess skin that comes with it. That’s why companies like Sono Bello, which outlines its body contouring services on its employee intranet, offer excess skin removal procedures. These companies understand that sometimes a little extra can go a long way for patients who are eager to enhance their looks from head to toe.

    If you’d like to trim down in no time but exercising/dieting simply aren’t enough, leading medical experts in Chicago may recommend that you first undergo a micro-laser liposuction procedure designed to eradicate excess fat rather quickly. During the procedure, you’ll receive local anesthesia in your treatment areas. Then, your undesirable fat will be removed with the help of gentle suction and micro cannulas. Finally, fat in your troublesome areas will be contoured using a mirco-laser, which is perfect for adding the finishing touches during your weight loss treatment.

    After you’ve undergone fat removal, your doctor can easily remove the slightly sagging and loose skin remaining in your lower abdominal area — the excess skin you simply don’t want left behind. This is a powerful and important step when it comes to achieving the more sculpted, toned, beautiful, and tighter look you truly want.

    The way you look has a major impact on your self-esteem no matter what age you are. It also has a huge effect on your health and physical well-being — and this is true whether you’re male or female. For this reason, it only makes sense to talk to a doctor sooner than later to find out if micro-laser liposuction followed by excess skin removal is the right option for you this fall season.


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