July 12, 2024

    Some Non-Lethal Options for Self Defense

    Even if you are not a believer in guns, you want some form of self-defense. Thankfully, there are non-lethal options that can be used to protect yourself in dangerous situations. Self-defense devices come in all shapes and sizes, including small items that can be kept in a pocket or purse. Learning more about non-lethal devices will help you to have a self-defense item on hand to protect yourself if you ever feel threatened. 

    Non-Lethal Devices

    There are several non-lethal devices that you can choose from for defense, which will allow you to have protection whenever you need it. Take a Taser for example. With a taser, you have an option that is non-lethal but packs a punch. You can put down a large individual with the taser as it provides an electrical charge. If you are being followed or are attacked, you can use the taser to stun the individual, so you can get away. 

    Another option is a baton. The best collapsible batons will be small in size but can be extended to a large height and wielded in your hand for protection. You can use a baton to swing at an attacker and it will cause pain. This is not a lethal option but one that will inflict injury so that you can get away. 

    The best collapsible batons and tasers will provide you with a method or protection without lethal force. The goal is to keep yourself protected but not cause the death of another individual. Unlike a firearm, defense items such as batons and tasers can be used for protection without causing permanent harm to another individual. 

    With these tools, you have a method of protection that will keep you safe and stun the individual so that you can call 911 and they will be arrested for their actions. 


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