April 24, 2024
    Kitchen cabinets can make or break your kitchen renovation. Consider these 9 trendy kitchen cabinet finishes for 2021 that you're sure to love.

    Latest Trends on New Kitchen Cabinets

    There are several ways to incorporate the latest trends into your new kitchen cabinets. For example, you can choose a floor-to-ceiling cabinet from the new kitchen cabinets St. Peters to maximize your kitchen space. You can also opt for a flat-front cabinet to blend in with your existing ones. You can also mix and match different styles, such as a frameless flat-front cabinet on the top with a Shaker-style cabinet on the bottom.

    Flat-fronted cabinet doors

    The flat-fronted cabinet door is one of the hottest trends for new kitchen cabinets. This design adds a custom look to your kitchen while providing a secure barrier for the contents inside the cabinet. These doors come in various designs and materials and complement many kitchen styles.

    This design is ideal for homeowners who want a contemporary, minimalist look for their kitchen. The flat fronted cabinet door has an unadorned, simple appearance and is perfect for those who want a modern look without crown molding or other decorative trim. This design is also a good choice for smaller kitchens, as it can make the space appear larger.

    One of the benefits of slab cabinet doors is that they are straightforward to maintain and clean. They come in a wide variety of wood tones and are very easy to stain or paint. They also feature wood grain patterns and are more affordable than other cabinet styles.

    Two-tone cabinets

    While two-tone cabinets may be appealing, it is essential to consider the color scheme of your kitchen before choosing this color scheme. It’s advisable to use complementary colors and avoid pairing two different colors of the same hue. One way to choose colors that complement each other is to use a color wheel. This will help you select a color scheme that will be visually pleasing to your eyes.

    Two-toned cabinets are a striking way to add depth and drama to your kitchen. Choose bold colors, such as navy blue, that contrast with a softer color, such as white. You can also pair dark colors with lighter hues, such as green and yellow. These colors will help your room appear larger and brighter. Alternatively, you can opt for an earthy color palette to help you bring nature into your kitchen.

    Shaker style cabinets

    Shaker-style cabinets can be a great choice for your new kitchen, whether you want a traditional or contemporary country look. Shaker cabinets are often made with thick, wood-like panels and are traditionally made from oak. They also work well with warm-toned metallics. They’re also a lot less expensive than many other kitchen cabinet styles. The cost of custom-made cabinets depends on your kitchen size and the types of wood and finishes you choose.

    A popular trend in modern kitchens is to have the major appliances in the kitchen behind the cabinet doors. This will allow you to match the cabinets to the device. You can also buy refrigerators that feature cabinet door fronts.


    Our homes’ kitchens have always been essential spaces. More tile, vibrant cabinets, and premium accents are to be expected. More tile, vibrant cabinets, and premium accents are to be expected.


    In 2022 and beyond, white will continue to be the preferred color for kitchen cabinets. On the other hand, warmer and more organic tones are becoming more popular. We discuss the top cabinet colors from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, including Chantilly Lace, Dove White, and Simply White.


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