April 24, 2024
    When you're planning a move and using a storage container, you'll want immediate access to your most important belongings. Explore these packing hacks!

    7 Important Packing Hacks for Storage Containers

    Are you planning a move and want to maximize your moving containers?

    Storage containers are revolutionary moving tools. If you’re like most people who move within the same area, you may not want to splurge on moving. For most people, getting a portable container is enough to transfer all their things from point to point.

    However, there may come a time when you’ll doubt your storage container decisions. Before you panic and look for an alternative, here are some packing hacks for you. Keep reading to learn what to do to get the most out of your storage containers.

    1. Wrap and Cushion Fragile Items Well

    The first of our packing hacks for moving is to take care of fragile items. The most fragile items in your home include:

    • Dishes and dinnerware
    • Glassware and crystal items
    • Artwork
    • China, vases, and ceramics
    • Porcelain items and figurines
    • Mirrors
    • Lamps and lampshades
    • Electronics (TVs, computers, and others); and more

    Ensure they have cushions when you’re packing these items. Use moving blankets, packing peanuts, or packing paper as cushioning in moving boxes. You don’t want them moving around in their boxes, which can cause breakage and damage.

    Try to put some of these fragile items in your car where they’re safer. You can also buy special moving boxes for specific items. For example, you can get a moving box for art and photos that keep these items moisture-free.

    2. Fill In Empty Spaces

    Do you want to learn how to pack a storage container? A tip to help you pack like a pro is to fill in all open spaces.

    Think of the packing and storing steps as a game of Tetris. Your goal is to fill every bit of space with something. Place odd-shaped items on top of them or near the doors after you stack boxes on each other.

    Various pieces of furniture are some of the bulkiest items. Detach the legs of furniture to save space. If they are large, place them at the end of the box.

    3. Start With Heavy Items but Keep Weight Distributed

    Another vital packing hack is to place heavy items at the bottom of the storage container. You want your moving container to be bottom-heavy instead of top-heavy. Top-heavy storage containers are more at risk of toppling on curved roads and slopes.

    Don’t place all your heavy items on one side and keep the weight distributed. Doing this decreases the risk of falling over to the heavier side.

    Balance the weight of the items when you pack them. The items at the top should be the lightest, and the heaviest are on the bottom. Place the piece of furniture in the middle of the space instead if you have nothing to balance it out.

    Do you have a lot of heavy furniture and items to bring with you? Do you worry that using any old storage container might damage your things? Use this resource to find high-quality, heavy-duty, and durable moving containers.

    4. Place Essentials in Front

    Next in our packing hacks is to keep essentials within reach or easy access. These include items you’ll need on your first day or night at the new house. Some examples are:

    • Toiletries
    • Sleeping or lounging clothes
    • Towels
    • Linens and pillows
    • Cooking supplies

    We know that moving is exhausting, and rest is the first thing you want when you reach your new home. Thus, keep these items at the front of the storage container when you move. This way, you won’t have to spend an extra hour or two looking through your packed boxes for them.

    5. Form a Wall With Your Things When Packing the Storage Container

    Pack like you’re making a wall and follow a vertical packing pattern. Don’t place everything along the floor of the storage container until you create a bottom layer.

    You can move better as you pack your items with a vertical pattern. When you do this, you can avoid stepping over boxes. You also avoid breaking things by accidentally kicking or stepping.

    Don’t forget to strap your items into the storage container. You don’t want them moving around during transit. These are also primary causes of damage and breakage during moves.

    6. Don’t Rush Loading and Unloading

    Most Americans move for work or business opportunities. Sometimes, a new boss may encourage you to rush your move. Don’t let the pressure of moving ASAP affect how you move.

    Take your time when you’re loading or unloading items from a storage container. Usually, it’s not the move that causes breakage and damage, it’s the careless loading and unloading.

    We understand that you may want the move to be over as soon as possible. Yet, on the day of the move, you’ll feel exhausted, which can make you clumsy and careless. You don’t want to be the person who breaks your precious piece of art or beloved furniture.

    It also helps to hire enough movers. The more hands you’ve got to help out, the less likely accidents will occur. Plus, movers know how to ease your stress to load/unload your items the right way.

    7. Keep Flammables Out of the Storage Container

    Never store flammable items, food, and cleaning supplies in the storage container. If you have space in your car, place these items on them instead.

    Remember that you don’t need to put everything in the storage container.

    Are you a gun owner and need a place to store ammunition? Don’t place your ammunition inside a storage container. Do the same with legal documents, heirlooms, valuable papers, and similar items.

    Remember that your storage container can get lost or damaged during transit. It doesn’t always happen because most moving companies are careful with your items. Yet, you don’t want your valuable items and documents gone with your other things if it does.

    Also, keep food out of the storage container, especially perishables. It doesn’t matter if you’re moving on the same day. Food can rot or spill in the storage container at the worst of times, damaging your other items.

    Use These Packing Hacks to Pack Like a Pro

    We hope these packing hacks helped you learn how to pack like a professional move.

    Did you enjoy reading about how to store belongings for a move? See our other blog posts for more practical and informative content like this.


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