April 24, 2024

    Jared Seyl Denver – Tips on Getting the Best auto Insurance

    Jared Seyl Denver is the insurance expert ad he has worked in auto insurance for many years now. Jared is often our go-to man when we need insurance tips and that is why we caught up with him recently to discuss how you can get the best deal on your auto insurance. If your car is up for renewal then these are the tips which you need to know in order to make sure that you can get the very best deal possible, let’s take a look.

    Don’t Auto-Renew

    Many people think that it is easier to auto-renew with their current provider, but this is not what you should be doing at all and whilst it may certainly be easier to allow your policy to rollover, it will usually be at a very high cost to you. Insurance companies know that many people simply allow their insurance to auto-renew which is why they charge a higher price. Be vigilante around when your policy runs out and start to take action at least one month before your renewal date.


    Almost all insurance companies are featured on comparison websites which means that you can find the cheapest deal with a quick search on them. Comparison websites basically trawl the best deals online and then you can add filters to hone in on the best deal for your situation and the car which you have. If you find a better deal elsewhere but you quite like the idea of staying with your current insurer, give them a call and let them know about the deal which you have seen, as well as notifying them of your intention to stay with them, and see if they will price match it for you.

    Taking Measures

    If you are a young driver then you will unfortunately be paying a far higher premium on your policy. There are some steps which you can take to bring this down however such as signing up for a smart box which will be placed on your car. These smart boxes measure the way in which you drive and they can also be fitted with a curfew which means that you can only drive between certain hours. Having this installed on your car will give the insurer more confidence in your abilities and when they deem you to be less of a risk they will reduce the premium.

    Higher Excess

    The higher the excess that you are willing to pay the lower that your premium will be and whilst of course this may be painful should something happen, if you are a cautious driver then this can actually be a great way of paying less for your insurance. The advice here would be that you don’t go for the highest excess and the lowest premium but try to strike a balance somewhere in the middle. The reason for this is simply that something can always happen, no matter how carefully you drive.


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