May 23, 2024

    3 Security Features to Protect Your Home According to Ron Cadman

    Criminals are constantly finding new ways to break into homes all across the nation and, unfortunately, simply locking your door no longer cuts it. Homeowners are increasingly being made aware of the importance of investing in modern security solutions for their home, whether this is security doors or home CCTV systems.

    You can’t put a price on the safety of yourself, your family and your property, and it is very important that you are staying one step ahead of criminals and the potential for them to break into your home at all times. We are not saying that you should be living in a constant state of readiness, ready to pounce should somebody break in, but instead that you should be investing in some form of security for your home

    In order to help you protect your home, here are three security features you can use to make your home that little bit more secure, based on the experience of reputable builder Ron Cadman.

    #1: CCTV Systems

    In more cases than not, CCTV acts as a deterrent to criminals who can clearly see that it is installed on a property. It is important to remember that criminals are mostly looking for a quick and easy target which will provide as little complication as possible, and they will prioritise a quick smash and grab over a home which has invested in security features.

    Given that modern CCTV systems link up to the authorities and can stream video live for all to see, most will not bother running the risk and will head elsewhere when they see that there is CCTV installed on a property.

    #2: Security Doors

    Most break-ins happen through the front or back door. Sometimes these are left unlocked, but in many cases, they are simply broken down or have the locks tampered with, giving criminals easy access to your home.

    Modern security doors are tough, hardwearing pieces of kit with complicated locks which cannot easily be broken (e.g. with screwdrivers and hammers) and best of all, they can often be seamlessly integrated with your home’s design. In fact, many modern security doors don’t look like security doors at all!

    #3: Toughened Glass

    Just like doors, windows have come a long way too and you can now get specialist high-security windows which look, feel, and function like regular double glazing. These windows come with toughened glass which, whilst able to take a beating, does not complicate the design.

    Criminals aren’t going to spend too long banging away at your windows, as the longer they spend making noise trying to break in, the more likely they are to attract attention and run the risk of being caught. The central goal of home security is to make the job of breaking in harder, as most criminals will give up easily and move on to the next target quickly.

    You can’t put a price on your safety and as criminals get increasingly brazen and crime levels skyrocket, the time to invest in home-based security solutions is now. There are lots of options available and they don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.



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