April 24, 2024

    Tatiana Regan – Tips For Success

    I met Tatiana Regan at university over 20 years ago now and since then I have had the great privilege to call her my friend. Over these years she has found huge levels of success in her career and in her personal life and I want to talk a little about that today. Success is something which many people don’t achieve and whilst they may desire it a great deal, actually getting there is very difficult. We can all learn from people who have achieved success and here is how Tatiana has managed to achieve hers.


    Tatiana knew from a very early age what she wanted to do, and she had clearly defined what her success looked like, even at such an early stage in her life. This understanding of what her success looked like, both in her personal and professional life, enabled her to map out a clear vision of how she would be able to achieve all of the things in life that she wanted. Many people only have vague ideas of the success that they are looking for and in many cases, this is why they don’t achieve it.


    Something which I have always respected about Tatiana is her desire to go and get what she wants, regardless of what stands in her way. On her path to success she has faced a huge number of setbacks and tricky decisions but this has never prevented her from going after what she always wanted in life. Tatiana has been focused on her success ever since she knew what she wanted to do and this intense focus and raw passion for achieving her goals is without question one of the reasons that she was able to achieve what she has.


    It was actually Tatiana who gave me the advice that if I wanted to be successful that I should surround myself with ambitious and successful people and this is something which Tatiana has also done. After university she radically changed her friendship group and began losing friends which she didn’t believe that would help her to become a better person, who people who she felt may hold her back. This is a very tough process to go through and whilst Tatiana did find it very difficult, she was able to be strong with it and this is part of the reason as to why she has been as successful as she has.

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    Another attribute which I have always admired about Tatiana was her awareness about how she is getting on with her goals. Tatiana was able to see weaknesses and deal with them in order to help her get closer to her goals. Self-analysis and evaluation are a crucial part of growing as a person and achieving your goals, Tatiana knew this and we can clearly see the positive impact which it has had on her life and her achievements.


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