July 14, 2024

    Dayanna Volitich – Why You Should Spend Less Time On Your Phone

    Since the evolution of the smartphone we are now a population of people who essentially live with our hones plastered to our hands. Whilst this is a gadget which can greatly enhance our lives, it is important that it does not become the most important thing in our lives, something which is definitely the case for many people. I never really considered my phone usage until my friend Dayanna Volitich made a comment about it, and now I am very conscious of how much I use it. If you also spend a great deal fo time on your phone, here are just a handful of reasons why you should probably spend less time on it.

    Being Present

    There are few things more frustrating than having a conversation with someone in person, when they are stuck on their phone the whole time. They may tell you that they can hear you but in reality they can only hear the words rather than what you are actually saying to them. There is something very important about being present when you are having a conversation with someone and if you are checking your social media feeds or reading a message, you simply can’t be giving the right amount of attention to the person that you are speaking with.

    Enjoying the World

    There are many people who fail to stop and see the beauty of life but when you add smartphones to the mix this number increasingly rises. We live in an amazing world with amazing people and if we just lift our head from time to time to appreciate it, we can learn to appreciate what we have. If you have ever been to a music concert or a famous landmark, you will know only too well how committed people are to showing the world where they are, rather than actually enjoying the event itself. Social media has created a world whereby we cannot wait to tell others what we are doing, rather than actually enjoying what it is that we are doing.

    Time Efficiency

    There are many times whereby the smartphone can save us time, be it through project management tools, using maps to find the quickest way from A to B or even ordering shopping online. Whilst there are a a great many apps which can help us save time, spending long hours on your phone is usually because there is so much on there that can be a distraction. Checking social media, playing games, reading news, these are all things which are easily done on your phone, yet which can greatly distract you from what you should be doing. The smartphone can save you time when used correctly but it can also steal a lot of your time if you are easily distracted.

    Why not try to put the phone down a little more this week and enjoy the world, conversations with people and get more things done!


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