April 24, 2024
    Are you scouting for schools to apply to in New Jersey? Read this article to learn about the top universities in New Jersey.

    Best Universities in New Jersey: A Guide

    If you are like one of the 20 million people who will attend college this year, you are likely on the hunt for the best university! With that being said, there are so many schools to choose from, and you have to be careful not to get stuck going to a subpar university.

    Don’t worry though, we are here to help you find the best universities in New Jersey with this simple guide! So, before you end up in one of the worst colleges in N.J…Read this guide! 


    Originally founded as the College of New Jersey in 1746, Princeton is now one of the premier Ivy League schools in the world. Some of the most elite people in the United States have attended this university, including the former First Lady Michelle Obama. 

    Most who attend Princeton live on campus, and in the first two years of college, it is required that students live in one of the residences. Popular majors at Princeton range from History to Biomedical Sciences. Princeton has one of the most desirable teacher-to-student ratios at 5:1, which is likely why the university’s graduation rate is 97%.

    The College of New Jersey 

    The current College of New Jersey, also known as TCNJ, is one of the top schools in the Tri-State area with an over 87% graduation rate. The Seven schools within the college include the following areas of study:

    • Arts & Communication
    • Business
    • Humanities & Social Sciences
    • Education
    • Engineering
    • Science
    • Health & Exercise Science

    Students at this New Jersey college have small class sizes (usually less than twenty one), access to over four hundred recruitment employers, housing near TCNJ Rider, and more. The campus is less than an hour’s drive from both Philidelphia and New York City, making it an ideal choice for students who commute.

    Stevens Institute of Technology

    The Stevens Institute of Technology was the first college in the United States dedicated to mechanical engineering. The exclusive school hosts three Centers of Excellence, and the school has two Nobel Prize-winning Alumni. The Stevens Institute showcases the following four schools:

    • Schaefer School of Engineering & Science
    • The School of Business
    • The School of Systems & Enterprises
    • The College of Arts and Letters 

    The stevens Institute is a great option for any student looking to specialize in a major relating to these fields. Graduates from the Stevens Institute have gone on to create some of the most useful inventions of the century, including IMAP and bubble wrap! Additionally, the campus offers hundreds of student-led programs and is home to four city parks. 

    The Top Universities in New Jersey 

    These are some of the best universities in New Jersey! Choosing from this list will ensure that you find the most reputable New Jersey university for your education, so keep this guide close!

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