June 17, 2024
    It is important to take care of any plumbing issues before they turn into bigger problems. Here are 5 signs that you need to call a plumbing service.

    5 Major Signs That You Need to Call a Plumbing Service

    Do you need plumbing repair?

    An important element of our home is the plumbing system. As a homeowner, diagnosing the problems will need you to do more than checking the water pipes. If it’s a leak or clogs in the toilet, fixing it with a wrench is mandatory to keep things running smoothly in the household.

    However, some plumbing problems need more than a wrench and some know-how to resolve things. Calling a professional plumbing service will resolve this for you. Lynchburg plumbing services, or similar services in your area, should be able to take care of your plumbing problems. This will prevent the problem from growing bigger and risking even more damage to your home.

    How do you know which problems need professional help? These are the five signs that mean you need to call a plumbing service. Read what we have below and know when it’s time to pick up the phone.

    1. Poor Water Pressure

    Have you noticed the water is barely coming out of the shower? Can’t rinse dishes well because next to nothing is coming out the sink? Situations like these happen because of poor water pressure.

    However, if you really want to improve the water pressure in your home, it’s best to call a professional plumbing service because one of your pipes may have a clog. When ignored, it runs the risk of bursting, costing even more money to repair.

    2. Overflowing Toilets

    When you have a clogged toilet, using a plunger will remove the cause of the clog. With luck, this will resolve the problem or cause an overflow.

    However, this won’t always be the case. Once the toilet overflows, you risk contaminated water spreading in the house. Instead of trying to unclog and potentially causing more harm, call a plumber to handle it for you.

    3. Frozen Solid Pipes

    If you live in cold places, it’s not unusual to have a frozen pipe. One of the telltale means of knowing if this is the case is by checking if there’s any frost build-up on any of your pipes. If you’re still unsure, then there are more ways for you to find out if this is the case. 

    Letting the frozen pipe stay for a long time will cause them to burst. Depending on the severity, you may need to replace the pipe system. You can avoid this by calling a plumbing company to repair the frozen pipes.

    4. Damaged Pipes

    There are many ways for the pipes to get damaged. It can come from external pressure, blockages, or burst of old pipes. Regardless of the damage, this will prevent water from reaching your home and affect your daily life.

    Getting help from the best plumbing service will safely fix the problem. They’ll restore water to your home and prevent future plumbing damages.

    5. Sewer Like Stench

    When you smell a bad scent like sewage water, this means one of your lines has burst. The smell can either be gas or sewer water. Most of the time it’s a gas leak and it’s a hazard to the health of your household.

    This situation needs immediate attention and any delays can cause even more damages. Call for the help of the best plumbing service and have them inspect the pipelines to see if anyone else in the neighborhood got affected.

    Call a Plumbing Service Today!

    When in doubt, the best plumbing service is always there to help you. Get plumbing repair now and secure your home today!

    Do you want to know more about plumbing? Why limit your knowledge to the signs that you need to call professional repair? Check out our other articles and learn more about your plumbing system and how everything works!


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