June 13, 2024
    Are you thinking about switching your halogen downlights to LED? Here is everything you need to know about LED downlights.

    LED Downlights vs Halogen: Which Is Better?

    Are you thinking about switching your halogen downlights? Downlights can make a space look bright and beautiful without the need for big bulky light fixtures. They flush to the ceiling and can provide plenty of lumens.

    You’ll need to remember what type of light you’ll want to put in your downlight. In this article, we are going over the basic differences between halogen lights and LED downlights and answering which is better.

    Halogen Downlights

    Halogen is a type of light that is basically an upgraded version of an incandescent bulb. An electrical current goes through the light and heats a filament.

    The filament is enclosed in a quartz case that is filled with halogen gas.

    Halogen lights are great options, but they use a lot of electrical power and can heat up very quickly when left on for long periods of time.

    Halogen bulbs are used in homes, jewelry cases, retail stores, and even portable projectors.

    Pros of Halogen Lights

    The great thing about halogen lights is that they give off a quality light, and they’re compact in size compared to incandescent bulbs. Halogen lights have dimming capability and instantly light up a space.

    Cons of Halogen Lights

    Halogen lights use up a lot of energy. Therefore they’re not very efficient. Halogen lights only give off a warmer light tone. If you are looking for a cool bright tone, you won’t get that with halogen.

    Halogen lights are also harmful to oils. This means it may damage skin over time or artwork.

    LED Downlights

    Light-emitting diode (LED) has become an industry standard to light a space. An electrical current goes through a microchip which then illuminates small light sources called LEDs. 

    The great thing about LEDs is that a heat sink is attached to the light source and can help with overheating and performance issues. They are compact and small in design.

    Pros of LED lights

    When you are using LED downlights, you’ll notice a significant savings cost in your electricity bill compared to using halogen. 

    LED can reduce your cost of lighting by as much as 80% compared to halogen. Since the heat of the light source has a heatsink, this will reduce the risk of a fire hazard.

    One of the biggest benefits of LED lights is that they’re in less time and maintenance cost. Halogen lights can blow out. LED lights are efficient enough to last as much as 10 years!

    Cons of LED Lights

    With all of these great benefits of LED downlights are some cons to them. LED lights may take a longer time to warm up and reach full lighting compacity.

    You’ll lose that rustic warmer tone of a true incandescent. If you’re still curious about LED downlights, look here.

    Which Downlight is Right For Me?

    If you are looking for a rustic, old-school tone with dimmable properties, go with Halogen downlights. If you are looking to be energy efficient, reduce your electricity costs and live an eco-friendly lifestyle, choose to go with LED downlights.

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