April 24, 2024

    5 Impressive Benefits of SPC Flooring

    Are you dealing with ratty carpets or scuffed vinyl in your home? There’s nothing that will kill the appeal of your home and décor faster than dull, damaged flooring.

    When replacing your flooring, you may go with the obvious and most popular contenders – hardwood, ceramic tile, laminate, etc. However, there’s one option you may not have thought of – SPC flooring.

    What Is SPC Flooring?

    Before diving into SPC benefits, you’re likely wondering – what is it?

    SPC floors are a type of rigid core luxury vinyl flooring. It’s the most durable, waterproof option for types of flooring.

    While it has a similar construction to WPC, the difference is the ultra-tough core SPC is made with. That’s why it is described as a “rigid core.”

    Benefits of Choosing SPC Flooring

    While Ultimate Floors offers many flooring options, you shouldn’t overlook SPC flooring. Some of the top benefits include:

    1. Wide Array of Styles

    Most flooring materials are offered in several styles today. This includes SPC flooring.

    When shopping for this type of flooring, you will find there are all types of arrangements and patterns to choose from. You can even mix and match colors to create a look you love.

    2. Eco-Friendly and No Formaldehyde

    Formaldehyde comes from most types of glue and adhesives. The primary components and the production process of SPC flooring impact its environmental performance.

    The main component used for manufacturing is polyvinyl chloride and natural lime powder. It is combined using a one-time heating laminated, embossed production process, and no glue or adhesives are required.

    This means that SPC flooring doesn’t contain heavy metals, benzene, formaldehyde, or other harmful components.

    3. Real Wood-Like Design

    The classic design of SPC flooring is one of the factors that has made it such a popular option. Some brands have created the real-wood likeness that makes it impossible to discern from afar.

    This means you get the look of wood without the hassle of it.

    4. Budget Friendly

    In most cases, SPC flooring is more affordable than traditional hardwood flooring. While this is true, it provides the same natural look you want.

    The installation is also affordable. You can save on labor by going the DIY route. Because of this, it’s a smart, affordable alternative to more expensive wood flooring.

    5. Moisture-, Water-, and Fireproof

    SPC flooring consists of natural lime powder and PVC. These are 100% fireproof and waterproof.

    You don’t have to worry about the floor getting damp, deformed, or mildew. As a result, you can use this flooring in any part of your home.

    Is SPC Flooring Right for Your Home?

    There are more than a few things to consider when it comes to SPC flooring benefits. However, as you can see from the information above, it offers more than a few benefits for your home.

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