May 23, 2024

    3 Benefits of Moving Your Business Data to the Cloud

    Did you lose your entire report due to a lost flash drive?

    Are you still saving documents to your hard drive only to bring the wrong laptop to work?

    Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about these nuisances in the cloud. Save your files online and retrieve them from any wireless device, including smartphones!

    These benefits are just the start. Discover three more advantages of saving business data to the cloud.

    1. More Efficient Collaboration

    Effective collaboration leads to exciting innovations. Unfortunately, precious time is lost to neverending email threads, voicemails, and delayed texts.

    Like you, your fellow team members are juggling too many communication channels. Instead, consolidate communication and collaboration tools to streamline projects, meeting deadlines quicker.

    Popular features include:

    • In-app chats
    • Meeting rooms
    • File uploading
    • Video conferencing
    • Phone calls

    Admins can create multiple channel segments, organizing large projects into small, manageable parts. You can also create secret groups for projects managing sensitive information, limiting access to just a few team members.

    There are various types of cloud-based collaboration platforms. You’ll typically find them under your app store’s project management (or collaboration) category.

    Even better, you can take advantage of free trials until you find the ideal platform. Find out more here so you can get the most value from your free trial.

    2. Avoid e-Waste Security Disasters

    Did you know over 50 million tons of “e-trash” are disposed of annually?

    Commonly known as e-waste or techno trash, this type of waste carries even more hazards than your typical bag of garbage.

    First, devices that aren’t wiped clean are the most vulnerable. Even wiped devices have vulnerabilities that could expose sensitive information to hackers. Thus, you may want to think twice about tossing that old hard drive in the trash.

    Worse yet, hackers could get a hold of your customers’ data, putting your business reputation at risk. You should never dispose of commercial e-waste in a regular landfill.

    If you insist on using hardware, you’ll need a reliable e-waste disposal service. While necessary, these services add up.

    Instead, forget hard drives altogether and save your files to an encrypted cloud-based platform. Plus, you can optimize cloud security with password management apps and extra authentication tools.

    3. Grow Your Global Network

    You can also forget long-distance phone calls in the cloud, as well.

    Cloud-based video conferencing tools connect global workforces without extra charges. Most cloud platforms offer tiered monthly plans, allowing you to upgrade storage space, features, and user permissions.

    Even free cloud apps can help you build a global network quickly. Social media is just one example, as evidenced by such apps as Linkedin, which also has collaboration and networking tools.

    Make the Most Out Of Your Business Data

    Are you extracting enough value from your company’s business data?

    Delve even deeper into cloud-based solutions, like analytics, monitoring tools, and more. You can even turn your data into powerful visualizations for shareholders.

    Don’t forget to safeguard your cloud strategy with hacker-proof security protocols too.

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