July 12, 2024

    3 Popular Things to Sell (That You Probably Have Around Your House)

    How are you faring financially? Are you surviving the pandemic with your head above water, or are you desperate to make ends meet and struggling with an income shortage like most Americans right now?

    As inflation rates rise in tandem with the Great Resignation, people are finding alternative ways to make money. A common side hustle is selling stuff you don’t need anymore.

    If you’re ready to get in on the easiest side hustle around, get inspired by this rundown of the most popular things to sell that you might have at home.

    1. Clothes

    If you’ve put on a few pandemic pounds or you’ve converted to life in leggings and sweats, you might want to sell off some of the clothes you don’t use anymore. If so, you’re not alone. Americans are selling clothes in droves.

    Whether it be baby and kids clothes that no longer fit the littles, or racks of retro clothes from someone’s high school wardrobe, secondhand clothing is a hot commodity online. With sites like Mercari and Poshmark, where you can inventory and post your goods with just a few clicks, it’s easy to sell off entire wardrobes in a few days’ time.

    2. Cars

    Do you have an old clunker rusting away in your garage?

    If so, this is as good a time as any to sell your used car. In fact, used cars are in high demand right now, no matter their condition. You can get a lot of cash for junk cars, and you don’t even have to leave your house to do so.

    It used to be much harder to sell a used car. You had to cross your fingers that the buyer wouldn’t back out, and you had to settle for a low resale value. On top of that, the need to sell in person made used car sales all the more inconvenient.

    Today, the prices for most used cars have gone up significantly. In fact, some cars are worth more used than they are when brand new. Take advantage of this buyer’s market and get rid of that clunker without having to deal with picky buyers. You can make a profit of several thousand dollars using the right sites and apps to sell things like cars.

    3. Electronics

    You can thank the constant innovation of technology for the third most popular type of things to sell. Tech giants like Apple and Google made it a cultural trend for consumers to rush out and buy the latest phone or tablet released on the market. In turn, people make quick money by selling their slightly older electronics as goods that are used but in great condition.

    If you have any computers, portable speakers, TV’s, or gaming consoles that you no longer use, put them up on a site like eBay. You can even use a social app like Facebook’s market place to target a local buyer. You will be surprised at how quickly your stuff will sell as long as you include clear pictures and a great description.

    Beyond Popular things to Sell From Home

    Which of your used goods will you make quick money off of now that you’ve learned which are the most popular things to sell secondhand?

    For more inspiration and tips on quick ways to make money, come back to our blog often. Our lifestyle, business, and general content is updated daily for your perusal.


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