May 19, 2024

    Setting up a Home Office: The Essential Guide for a Workable Space

    Despite all the talk of a return-to-office, around 25 percent of people still work remotely full time, and another 20 percent work remotely at least part of the week. On top of that, remote jobs will become the norm for at least some jobs moving forward.

    That makes setting up a home office something of a priority for anyone committing to remote work or transitioning to a remote job. While couches and coffee tables might get it done sometimes, you need a workable space for long-term remote working.

    If you’re not sure where to start, keep reading for our guide to setting up a working from home office space.

    Space Selection

    The ideal option for a home office is an empty room. It provides outlets, privacy, space for storage, and maybe even a window for some natural light.

    If you’re on a tight space budget, you’ll have to get creative. A large closet can sub in for an office space if you’re not claustrophobic. Otherwise, look for a lightly used or unused corner in your home you can co-opt.


    When it comes to the best way to set up a home office, you cannot overlook the technology. You need things like a modem and router that work seamlessly with your desktop, laptop, or tablet computers.

    If you print things on a regular basis, look for one with Wifi printing capabilities. It’s one less wire you must worry about.

    Get a Good Chair

    Yes, you’ll probably want a desk, but you need a good chair for a comfortable home office. You’ll spend countless hours in that chair working on projects or attending Zoom meetings. That means you need one with some good ergonomic features, such as:

    • Adjustable height
    • Back support
    • Armrests
    • Swivel

    A good chair will spare you a lot of physical discomfort over time.


    The kind of desk you get will ultimately depend on your available space. If all you have is a big closet, you’ll want a minimalist desk. If you have plenty of space, you can get a bigger one with lots of drawers.

    Just look for one with a slide-out keyboard tray. It’ll cut down on the physical stress of all that typing.


    You’ll need the usual cross-section of supplies for the office space. Some common items include:

    • Pens
    • Small notepads
    • Printer paper
    • Printer ink or toner

    If you’re running your own business from your home office, you can use a company like ADI Print Solutions for custom stationery and print marketing materials.

    Setting Up a Home Office for You

    Setting up a home office for yourself means looking at your home with a critical eye. Do you have an extra room or an underused space you can convert? How big of a desk can you fit in the space you have available?

    The one thing you can’t overlook is technology. You need tech that works correctly from the get-go. Don’t forget about the office supplies, either.

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