July 12, 2024
    Create a sleepy, relaxed oasis with the right bedroom lighting. From fairy lights to luxe pendants, try these bedroom lighting ideas and tips.

    10 Dreamy Bedroom Lighting Ideas

    Did you know that stylists recommend that there is a combination of lighting in every bedroom? It’s the latest tip for the Summer design season.

    If you want to wow yourself and your guests with your decor skills, then consider adding a variety of light sources to your bedroom this season.

    Are you inspired by a dreamy bedroom aesthetic? Now is the time to make your bedroom dreams a reality! Read our guide to 10 dreamy bedroom lighting ideas.

    1. Stay Away From Cool Toned LEDs

    LEDs are great for modern bedroom lighting. If your desired bedroom aesthetic is on the dreamy side, then bright LEDs may not be for you.

    Consider opting for warm lightbulbs instead. Warm lightbulbs are a more intimate lighting choice that can help give your bedroom a dreamy feeling.

    LEDs energy efficiency can be an attractive feature if you are interested in saving money. However, they are not the best option for a dreamy bedroom aesthetic. 

    Blue light has been discredited for its effect on the brain. Cool tones like blue light can make it harder for your brain to relax and find its natural sleep pattern.

    2. Use Warm Lightbulbs Wherever Possible

    Warm lightbulbs are available in a range of tones. True white is considered neutral. Look for lightbulbs that are on the yellow end of the spectrum for optimal results.

    Have fun discovering the diversity of warm lightbulbs on the market. You will find everything from energy-efficient to stained glass versions available on the market.

    Warm lightbulbs take the form of orange and yellow bulbs. The bulbs can also be LED and energy-efficient.

    This is one of the most important decisions you can make for your dreamy bedroom aesthetic goals, so choose your lightbulbs thoughtfully. They will set the tone for your entire space, literally.

    3. Naural Light Is Your Bestfriend

    Working from home has made some people spend more time in their bedroom than they had ever planned to. 

    If you enjoy being in your bedroom during the day, reconsider the natural light’s value in the space. If your bedroom has a window, then consider investing in window adornments that play with sunlight.

    Ditch the curtains for some window treatments that sparkle! Light catchers and iridescent window paper can create natural rainbows in your bedroom. Talk about dreamy!

    4. Fairy Lights Are the Best Bedroom Lighting Ideas

    Fairy lights are featured in popular interior design magazines for a good reason. Ever since the stigma broke (that fairy lights are just for kids), they have skyrocketed in popularity.

    Fairy lights take inspiration from the Christmas light trend. Adorning your walls with posable lights has been popular for a long time and for a good reason.

    These types of lights can be draped over your walls, furniture, and curtain rods. In fact, they are the most versatile form of lighting on this list!

    These lights can be wrapped around bed frames, tables, plants, and more! Enjoy getting creative with your bedroom lighting placement.

    Pro tip: drape fairy lights along the circumference of your circular canopy to give your room the ultimate dreamy effect!

    5. Posable and Battery Operated Bedroom Lighting Ideas

    Use push pins to drape your fairy lights along the edges of your ceiling. Some people even make lanterns out of fairy lights but arranging them inside mason jars.

    The best part about fairy lights is that they come in a huge range of colors and styles. Fairy lights are gender-neutral, so there are choices for both masculine and feminine style preferences.

    On a technical note, fairy lights are available in both plug-in and battery-powered designs. This bonus makes them the perfect choice for any dreamy bedroom lighting.

    Battery-operated bedroom lighting is a great option for people in small rooms. Unconventional bedroom designs can create awkward spacing in your bedroom.

    Sometimes outlets and wall plugs are too far away for your favorite lamp to reach. Battery-operated lights make it easier to create your dream bedroom aesthetic.

    6. Drape Elegant Pendant Lights in Your Bedroom

    Pendant lights offer an exotic appeal that is timeless. Enjoy browsing between the chain and shade options.

    Traditional pendant lights feature cutouts that create shadow designs on your bedroom walls. It is a great way to create the dreamy effect you’re looking for.

    Pendant lights can be adjusted to whatever height you would like them to be. This makes them great options for loft beds or floor mattresses.

    Floor set-ups are an understated bedroom design style, to say the least. Enjoy the intimate spaces that can be created with floor lighting that is low to the ground.

    7. Set Up a Floor Lamp for Your Bedroom Sitting Area

    Conventional bed positions don’t need to hog all of the limelight. If your bedroom is set up in a way that is unique to you, then consider investing in a floor lamp.

    Floor lamps are great additions to your bedroom’s sitting area as well. If your floor lamp doesn’t fit near your bed, consider adding a floor lamp to your sitting or study area.

    Study areas can benefit from a desk lamp as well. Desk lamps are great ideas for your dreamy bedroom aesthetic because they offer a manageable source of light. 

    Unlike ceiling lights, a desk lamp’s light can be concentrated on one area so that you can control how much of the light source you want to see.

    A floor lamp provides the same sort of light manipulation but on a grander scale. For an added layer of light, you could adorn your floor lamp with a string of fairy lights wrapped around them.

    8. Hunt for an Antique Lamp Base

    Do you enjoy a good bargain? Antique shops could have just the lamp base you are looking for. The right lamp base can give you the dreamy look that you’re seeking.

    Everyone’s dream bedroom aesthetic is different. That’s why vintage options are so popular among eclectic personalities.

    Hunting for the perfect lamp bases will take some time. Remember, this lamp base can become the focal point so take your time in finding the perfect one!

    Look for a white lamp base. Can’t find one in that color? You can always create your custom color after your thrift your antique lamp base.

    The antique lamp base is only one part of the dreamy bedroom lighting puzzle. You will have to pair your new lamp base with the perfect lampshade! 

    9. Play With Lampshade Patterns

    Lampshades are the second most versatile light option on our list. Lampshades can come in a variety of styles, colors, and patterns.

    Solid colors are great for a simple bedroom aesthetic, but we are going for a dreamy vibe. Consider browsing through soft textures and light colors for your lampshades. 

    Pastels and earth tones are great color spectrums to consider. Don’t worry; however, lampshades can always be found after you select your lamp base.

    Still curious about how you can find the perfect lamp shade for your dreamy bedroom design? Check out this blog for the ultimate lampshade guide on updating your lampshades.

    10. Consider Investing in a Soothing Light Show

    Light shows and colored lightbulbs offer a surreal gateway into your dreamy bedroom decor. Some light shows even come equipped with soothing sounds that can drift you off to dreamland.

    Color-changing lightbulbs are great if you have a specific color scheme or mood idea in mind. Choices are abundant on the market, so have fun finding the light show that meets your needs.

    It is also possible to combine your color-changing light bulbs and light shows with a cut-out cover. This way, you can enjoy the shadows that your light show will make as well.

    Lighshows are for interior decor of all ages! You can easily find your niche of light shows by browsing through your favorite colors, genres, and display options.

    For example, sci-fi enthusiasts can find a light show that displays dancing stars and cosmic imagery. Fantasy fans can enjoy nature themes played on top of soothing organic sounds. There is a light display for everyone of all ages!

    Stay Updated on Bedroom Lighting Ideas and Trends

    Now you are aware of the many bedroom lighting ideas that you can draw inspiration from. Enjoy browsing your options as you create the relaxing oasis of your dreams!

    Still interested in learning about the latest lifestyle and interior design trends? Read our blog to be ahead of the trends.


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