February 24, 2024
    Is your bathroom in need of a makeover? Look for these seven signs of a sad, outdated bathroom, plus learn how to decorate and renovate so it looks good-as-new!

    7 Signs Your Outdated Bathroom Needs a Makeover

    Are you falling out of love with your bathroom? Does it look the same as it did twenty years ago?

    It might be time to accept that you have an outdated bathroom and require the services of a Bathroom Remodeling company to rejuvenate your space!

    Not sure how to tell if you need a renovation? Let’s look at 7 signs of an outdated bathroom.

    1. Out of Storage

    Are you cramming your things into every ounce of space you have?

    Older bathrooms did not have the amount of space that bathrooms have today. Unfortunately, they didn’t take into mind the many needs of the modern society that we would eventually live in. There may not be enough cabinets and storage space for you to place your things. 

    Are bathroom medicine cabinets outdated? The answer is that yours probably is. Medicine cabinets are still a thing, but the design and storage are built differently for 21st century needs.  You can shop for the very best custom bathroom cabinets in Denver and order whatever you can’t find locally online.

    2. Cramping Your Style

    You may also feel like your bathroom becomes smaller every day. This isn’t because it actually is becoming smaller every day, but it’s because outdated bathrooms are naturally smaller and more cramped. 

    Whether it’s a cramped space or running out of space, that could be a sign you need a makeover and can expand your space. 

    3. Colors

    Are beige bathrooms outdated? 

    Yes, they are. 

    While you can still make the color beige work for your bathroom if you desire, bolder colors are more popular now. 

    This could mean black and white for a more modern stark look. Some people like to choose greens, blues, grays, purples, etc. To give bathrooms more of a fresher look, people like to choose colors that stand out.

    Beige tends to look older, but, it is possible to make it look like 2021! Pairing your beige colors will warm woods and whites can make for a more “in” bathroom appearance. Try to get away, however, from making your entire bathroom beige and neutral shades. 

    4. Outdated Decor and Appliances

    Another sign of your decor being outdated is if your bathroom doesn’t look like it goes together. Are your shower and sink faucets the same? Do your colors flow together? Is your vanity old?

    Sometimes all it takes is replacing your bathtub or shower if they are old and discolored. 

    Freshen the peeling paint on the walls and upgrade your vanity to have a bold backsplash. 

    The changes you can make are endless. Renovating your bathroom to look 2021 is all about renovating the appearance. 

    5. Bathroom Damage

    If you have cracks in your tile, it could be time for a renovation makeover. 

    If there are cracks in your shower or bathtub, those cracks are only going to get worse. Wobbly appliances and bathroom damage aren’t fun to look at or fun to deal with. 

    Furthermore, bathroom damage doesn’t just come out through appearance. If you are smelling mold or mildew, your bathroom needs to be renovated immediately.

    It is important that you don’t keep the things that have mold, as the mold is an unhealthy substance that could harm you. 

    If you are unsure if there is mold in your bathroom, be aware of any sour or abnormal smells. Do an inspection of your bathroom to make sure mold is not growing anywhere you might not be aware of. This means looking around your tub, in your shower, under your sink, your toilet, and your bathroom walls. 

    It is imperative that you get rid of any mold that could be growing. Mold is a telltale sign that your bathroom has gone far too long without a makeover. 

    6. Grime

    Mold isn’t the only thing you have to worry about.

    Is there grime stuck in your tile or in the corners of your shower? It could be time for professional cleaning or, if necessary, replacing the tiled flooring. If you find that the latter is the case, companies like Standard Tile can provide you with some of the best tile selections for your bathroom, freshening up the space and making it feel brand new.

    Grime is not pleasant to look at and it can be another source of foul smells in your bathroom. If the grime has been building up for years, it won’t be an easy cleaning fix. It could be time to get rid of it and start new. 

    Don’t let the grime keep growing!

    7. Lighting

    Do you feel like you can barely see yourself in the mirror? Does your bathroom have a dim and glum look to it? 

    Old lighting can have a yellowy and dim appearance, making your bathroom look more like a horror movie and less like a modern dream. 

    Switch to modern bright lights that can give you the lighting you need to start your day confidently.

    What’s the Point of Renovating My Outdated Bathroom? 

    So, why do I need to have a bathroom makeover? Why can’t I just leave it the way it is?

    Your bathroom can be unhealthy for you if it has damage and ill lighting. It may not be suitable to the needs you have if it’s tight with minimal storage.

    Furthermore, renovating your bathroom can add value to your home. You can turn it into a masterpiece that people won’t be able to resist. 

    Overall, giving your outdated bathroom a makeover can increase your lifestyle by giving you something to love.

    How Do I Start?

    Start shopping around; don’t just sit and wait! Get in contact with professional cleaners and tile installers to figure out what will suit your needs best. Be proactive and take the first step to turn your outdated bathroom into a dream bathroom.

    Found this article helpful and need more household tips? Take a look at our life and household page for more! 


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