June 14, 2024
    Wine barrel furniture can completely transform a room. Get inspired with this guide featuring 10 creative wine barrel furniture ideas.

    10 Creative Wine Barrel Furniture Ideas

    Did you know that furniture can be crafted from old wine barrels? DIY wine barrel furniture is going viral on social media.

    If you are interested in crafting your own wine barrel furniture and getting some discounts on great wines, don’t miss this Wine.com coupon. Read our article to learn about 10 creative wine barrel furniture ideas!

    1. Use a Wine Barrel as a Table

    The easiest way to enjoy a wine barrel in your home is to utilize it as a table. This requires no fabrication, so sit back and enjoy your new table.

    Source an old wine barrel from your local winery. No painting or refurbishing is required.

    2. Craft a Wine Barrel Chair

    Looking for a new DIY project? You can craft a chair from an old wine barrel! This chair can be placed indoors or outdoors.

    A wine barrel chair pairs perfectly with a wine barrel table. Furniture from wine barrels has a unique look that never goes out of style!

    3. Turn Your Wine Barrel Into Flooring

    If you don’t mind smashing your wine barrels, then consider turning them into unique flooring patterns.

    Wine barrel flooring can turn any room into a vineyard. Look for barrels that have great wood grain and texture.

    4. DIY a Wine Barrel Shelf

    A wine barrel shelf can be carved into the wood of an old barrel. Use the slats from the barrel as your shelves.

    What will you place on your DIY shelf? Perhaps you can collect your favorite wine corks to display!

    5. Catch Rain in Your Barrel

    Did you know that wine barrels can hold more than just wine? Utilize your old barrels as a new rainwater catchment system!

    Catching rain in your old barrels can be a rewarding experience. Make sure to clean your barrels thoroughly beforehand! 

    6. Wine Barrel Outdoor Furniture

    One of the best wine barrel furniture ideas is to reuse old wine barrels as outdoor furniture like lawn chairs. Wine barrels can be coated with a weather-resistant coating, so they are perfect for all four seasons!  

    7. Store Wine in Your Barrels

    Did you know that wine barrels can be repurposed yet maintain their original use? You can store bottled wine in your barrels.

    Bottled wine stays good longer than aging wine barrels. Extend the life of your barrels and your wine by storing them together!

    8. Hide Your Valuables in a Wine Barrel

    Add a quirky accent piece to your home this season. Utilize your wine barrels as a place to hide your valuables.

    No one will guess that treasure is hidden in your new furniture. Searching for wine and whiskey barrels for sale? The perfect barrel may be closer than you think!

    9. Create a Wine Barrel Pub Set

    Have you ever dreamed of owning your own pub someday? Create your own pub set at home!

    Wine barrels can be refurbished into a matching set of pub tables and chairs that are perfect for an at-home bar!

    10. Craft a Luxurious Firewood Bin

    Wine barrels are the perfect piece to store large pieces of firewood. What a luxurious firewood bin!

    It’s a good idea to coat your wine barrel in a fire-resistant coating if you plan on placing your barrel near an open flame.

    Are You Ready to Reuse Old Wine Barrels?

    Old wine barrels can become your home’s newest statement piece. Creating wine barrel furniture can be a rewarding experience. 

    Good luck! In need of further inspiration? Check out the rest of our blog posts for the latest tips and tricks!


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