April 24, 2024
    A rug can pull any room together but choosing the right one is not easy. Click here to learn which rug shape fits best in your space.

    How to Choose the Best Rug Shape for Your Space

    Are you thinking about buying a rug? Wondering how you can choose the best rug shape for your space?

    The right rug can really brighten up a space and can be a great addition to a room. However, choosing the right rug for the right space is not an easy task and it can be easy to make a poor choice if you don’t think about it carefully.

    Fortunately, we’re here to help. Here’s how you can choose the best rug shape for your space.

    1. Check the Room Measurements

    One of the things you should do when trying to choose a rug shape is to measure the area where you’ll be placing it.

    It can be frustrating to choose a rug that is too big for your space and you may end up having to return it. You’ll want to think carefully about the sizing of the space and the rug, no matter what shape you choose in the end.

    A rug that’s too small won’t look good but one that’s too big can also seem out of place. Be sure to measure the size of the space and the furniture that in it to ensure that you choose a good size and shape for your rug.

    2. Consider the Room Design

    Another important thing that you should do when trying to determine rug shape is to consider the shape of other elements that are currently in the room. You’ll want to think about how the shape you choose for your rug meshes with any other rugs that are in the room or other shapes that are present.

    In some cases, it may go best to vary it up and choose a round rug if there is a square one elsewhere in the room. Depending on the design of the room, you may also want to consider matching a rug with another of the same shape. Both can be good options as long as the choice you make fits in with a room’s overall design.

    Be sure to learn more about the various rug options if you want to find one that fits with your room design.

    3. Think About Foot Traffic

    When choosing a rug shape, it’s also well worth considering the amount of foot traffic in the room. A rug that many people will be walking over on a regular basis may be better suited for a square or rectangle shape whereas a lower traffic area may be more suitable for a round rug.

    Be sure that whatever rug you choose to use can handle the wear and tear of people walking over it each day. Getting a high pile rug can be helpful for an area with a lot of foot traffic.

    4. Make the Floor Stand Out

    Another thing you’ll want to think about when choosing the right shape for your rug is whether you want the floor to be seen adequately or not. If you want to show off the flooring in a room, then round rugs and oval rugs are often the better choices.

    Round rugs tend to work well in areas where you would like for the floor to be shown to those passing by. Round rugs work especially well to show off the floor bet more and add a focal point to a room, so it’s likely the type of rug you’ll want to consider.

    5. Choose the Right “Feel”

    Another thing that you should do when choosing a shape for the rug you want to buy is to determine how the room will be used. 

    If you want your room to have an elegant and refined look that is a bit more serious in nature, then a square or rectangular rug will tend to be a good option. Rectangular and square rugs are better for traditional spaces such as in an elegant living room or an office space.

    Circular rugs, on the other hand, naturally have a bit more of a playful feel to them. They can be great to use in a room that you want to seem more casual and fun.

    6. Use Circular Rugs For Small Spaces

    If you want to place a rug in a smaller room, then you should usually choose to opt for a circular rug rather than a rectangular one. A circular rug can help to make the space seem larger than it actually is and can be a good choice when there’s not a lot of room to work with.

    When choosing a rug for your needs, you’ll want to consider the size of the space carefully. This can help you make the very best choice when choosing a rug for a room.

    7. Consider Layering Rugs

    If you want to make your room even more stylish, then what you might want to do is to layer your rugs

    Layering rugs is a very trendy and stylish option that can really make a room come alive and can give a great appearance. To layer rugs, you’ll need to combine more than one rug shape and place one on top of another. 

    It can be a good idea to place both a circular rug and a rectangular rug in a room. For a more subdued option, you may also simply want to layer two rectangular or two circular rugs together as well.

    Choosing the Perfect Rug Shape For Your Space

    If you want to choose the best rug shape for your space, you should think carefully about it before you make a purchase. Be sure to consider all of the information above when buying a rug if you want to be satisfied with your final choice.

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