June 12, 2024

    What is Online Reputation Repair and Why Your Company Needs It

    The concept of online reputation repair is nothing new but it is becoming more and more common to use reputation repair services in 2019. There are so many forces in the world nowadays that work against businesses, especially startups that have to build from the ground up.

    These forces take many forms such as negative feedback from customers, bad publicity about a company leader or defective products that somehow made it onto the market. Whatever force is working against your company, fortunately there are tactics you can adopt to keep a solid reputation.

    The first tactic is to hire a service that specializes in reputation repair. Here you can learn all about what reputation repair actually is and why you should be investing in it in 2019.

    What is a reputation repair service?

    A reputation repair service is an agency whose main goal is to keep the reputations of its clients as positive as possible. Like we said before there are so many things that can affect the perception of a company, brand, or celebrity. Remember what happened to Paula Deen several years ago?

    Deen’s reputation was completely tarnished due to a video leak of footage that was taken decades before. She used a derogatory comment towards another race, and even though this happened years in the past her entire brand became obsolete.

    A similar thing happened to Nike a few years ago. Although both Deen and Nike have built their reputations back up to an extent, it took a lot of effort on their part and the part of professional reputation management representatives. These were major scandals but something as big as a poor customer review or product malfunction can also give you a bad rep.

    What are the major benefits of investing in reputation repair?

    You might think you have the entire idea of reputation management and repair under control but it actually involves a lot of strategies and tactics. Reputation repair services don’t just work to repair but also to promote. You can use these services even if you have a solid positive reputation; they will work to continue this and build your following and customer base.

    Some of the tactics they use to promote your company name and image is social media marketing, lead generation, email marketing, and customer review monitoring. Maybe you think you can handle all of these but social media marketing in itself can seem like a full-time job. It is wise to outsource these tasks out so that you can focus on other aspects of your business that fall within your expertise.

    What about small companies? Is reputation repair really necessary?

    You might assume that reputation repair isn’t all that necessary if your company is small and just starting off. It is actually just the opposite! As a startup you don’t really have any reputation at all. This is something that a reputation repair service can help with; these professionals will work to get your name out there and develop a reputation for you and your business.


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