February 27, 2024

    Tips for Choosing a Trusted Fireplace Tool Brand

    A fireplace should act as the centerpiece of any room; if you are lucky enough to have one in your home try sprucing it up and making it the focal point. During each new season it is a great idea to set the mood for the holiday by decorating your fireplace and adding accessories to the mantle.

    If you truly love your fireplace and everything it offers then you have probably been searching for a trusted fireplace tool brand. Fireplace tools not only serve a great function but they also serve a decorative purpose.

    In the market for your very own fireplace tool set? Here are a few tips for choosing quality tools from a trusted company.

    Find a company that has a solid reputation

    A lot of fireplace retailers and manufactures claim to carry the best product but you can only really trust a company that has 10+ years in the business of fireplaces. You won’t have any trouble finding newer manufacturers but do your best to find one with a long-time reputation as one of the best providers.

    You can get a feel for a company’s reputation by visiting their website directly and reading up on their expertise. They should always carry a variety of products with top-of-the-line materials. Find out about other fireplace owners’ opinions by reading reviews on Amazon, Google, or the company website.

    Remember the essential tools that should always be included

    A complete fireplace tool set should have a few standard tools included. Here’s what every set should include: a poker, tongs, shovel, and a natural fiber brush. It should also come with a holder where each tool can be securely stored. When you lift the tools and holder there should be some weight to it (about 20 pounds). This means that they are produced with top-quality materials and should stand the test of time.

    The metal finish is everything

    Unlike a fireplace screen, the tools set doesn’t give you much option in terms of design. Screens can have intricate patterns and shapes while tools come in a standard design. However, you do have some design freedom in terms of the metal finish on your toolset. Think wisely about which finish would fit best within your home before you choose between matte black, copper, or bronze.

    Don’t be afraid to splurge a bit

    It is never a good idea to purchase low-end fireplace tool sets; they tend to break rather quickly and the warranty coverage on low-quality products isn’t great. Be willing to spend some cash on a quality product that is sure to last.

    The higher the quality the longer the warranty. Some companies even offer a lifetime warranty on their tool sets because they have complete confidence in the product they are selling. You should not trust a company that offers a 1-year limited warranty or no warranty at all.

    Find a manufacturer or retailer with a location near you

    This is not actually a necessity but it makes things much easier in the event of needing a replacement fireplace tool set. If this is important to you look for a brand that has multiple retail locations nationwide and one in your local area.


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