April 17, 2024
    Potential homebuyers do property searches with very specific search criteria. What do they look for? Click here for answers.

    What Do Clients Look For When Performing Property Searches?

    As a realtor, one of the most important things you can do is make it easy for clients to find their dream home. Increasingly, this is all done online!

    Gone are the days when people browsed the weekend paper for new listings—now, buyers are looking online for the latest property searches.

    However, have you ever stopped to think about what they’re looking for when searching for a home? Sure, budget is one factor, but there are also many more.

    By knowing what buyers are looking for, you can improve your website design to better meet their needs. To learn more, keep reading to find the most common things a buyer looks for when browsing property online.


    When searching for homes, one of the biggest things a potential home buyer looks for is the price. This makes sense, as a home is one of the biggest purchases we’ll ever make.

    This is particularly true for first-time buyers, who are likely to have a tight budget. With the average US home price sitting at $295,300, prices are higher than ever before.

    To help out your clients, this means designing your website in a way where people can easily search based on their budget. You can create a sliding scale, allowing clients to view all properties that are at or below their price.

    However, if your market is more high-end, luxury homes, take this into account when designing your search features, since the price might be less of a priority for these buyers.

    Square Footage

    Home is where you hang your hat—but it also needs to have enough room for all of your other belongings! Of course, size is a key feature that buyers will be searching for.

    So, consider including a filter where buyers can search by square footage. That way, they’ll only see homes that are large enough to meet their needs.

    For realtors that mainly sell farms or vacant land, you might want to list by acreage or total land size instead.

    Bedrooms and Bathrooms

    Along with square footage, buyers will almost always want to search by the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. How many bedrooms does each home have?

    This is particularly important to families, as they’ll need a home with enough space for all of their children.

    When it comes to bathrooms, your site should also make it clear how many are full baths and how many are half.

    Garage Size

    Most families have two cars, as each parent needs to commute to work! So, it’s often helpful to include a feature where you can search by garage size.

    For apartments, you’ll also want to include whether or not a home comes with a parking space. If it does, is the spot outdoors or in a secure parking garage?

    The more detail your listings can provide, the easier it will be for customers to find their dream home.


    Few things matter more than location! Your drop-down filters should make it easy for buyers to search by town name or zip code.

    While some buyers might be open to various locations, others will be strict on where they want to go. This could be due to school districts, proximity to work, or needing to be near family.

    However, what if a client searches for a home in a certain town but nothing comes up? To avoid this, it’s great to use multiple listing tools, so clients can see as many properties as possible on your site.

    For multiple listings, check out showcaseidx.com to learn how you can add them to your site.

    Time on the Market

    It can be helpful to let clients see how long a home has been for sale. For example, a home that’s only been listed a few days is a hot commodity!

    However, for homes that have been for sale for longer, this is still good to know. Often, buyers who might be on a budget look for these homes, with the aim of making a lower offer to a seller who’s eager to sell.

    Swimming Pool

    Depending on your location, you might want to let buyers search for homes with swimming pools. In hot climates, like Florida, many buyers are eager to have a swimming pool of their own.

    Or, in colder climates, you could do the opposite and let buyers search for homes with hot tubs.

    Type of Property

    Each property listing should also make it easy for users to search by type. For example, not everyone is looking for a detached home!

    Add filters for apartments, townhouses, and even vacant land. That way, buyers don’t have to waste their time looking for homes that aren’t right for them.

    Or, if a property has multiple dwellings on the land, such as a barn or in-law flat, make this clear in the listing.

    Make Property Searches Easier By Improving Your Website

    As a realtor, you can use these options to improve the design of your website. By adding more options for buyers, you can improve their property searches and make it easier for them to find the right home.

    It’s best to work with an IT expert, as they can handle the backend changes required to improve your website. It’s worth the time and expense though, as it’s sure to result in new leads, happier clients, and increased profits!

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