June 17, 2024

    What are the Reasons to Get a Liver Function Test?

    The liver is the biggest organ in your body and serves many functions, including producing bile and breaking down toxins. If your liver is not healthy, it can cause serious health problems. A Liver function test can help you evaluate how well your liver is working and determine if there are any problems with this vital organ. So, if you face any health problems, take an LFT test and resolve the issue.

    The Liver Function Test is Used to Know the Overall Health of Your Liver:

    Liver Function Test (or LFT) is a blood test for liver enzymes. The liver contains many enzymes that help in many functions, like digestion and metabolism. An increase in these enzymes may indicate abnormalities in your liver, or it could be another cause altogether.

    For example, if you have hepatitis C virus infection, then this virus can damage your liver cells and cause an increase in certain enzymes in your body. This will result in a higher level of one particular enzyme called alanine aminotransferase (ALT). You can easily find the problem by undergoing an LFT test.

    Blood Test for Liver Enzymes:

    • Blood test for liver enzymes. Liver function tests diagnose and monitor a wide range of liver diseases. They are also used to monitor treatment effects for many liver diseases.
    • ALT and AST measurements indicate how much damage has been suffered by the cells in the liver, which can be caused by alcohol use, viral infections (such as hepatitis A or B), or fatty liver disease. 

    Blood Tests for Bilirubin:

    • Bilirubin is a yellowish pigment produced by the liver. It’s created when old red blood cells are broken down.
    • Your gallbladder also contributes to the production of bilirubin.
    • Your body naturally produces more bilirubin when you’re older because your liver has to function harder to remove it from the bloodstream, leading to breakdowns in skin and hair.

    Blood Tests for Proteins Made by the Liver, Including Albumin, Prothrombin Time (PT/INR), and Blood Clotting Factors:

    The liver makes proteins important to normal body functions, and albumin is essential for maintaining the right amount of fluid in the body. Prothrombin time (PT/INR) is a blood test that studies how well your blood clots, so if it isn’t working well, you can bleed too much from an injury or surgery.

    Blood Tests for Cholesterol and Triglycerides:

    Cholesterol is a fat-like substance in the blood and is a type of lipid. Triglycerides are another type of fat that is present in your blood. High cholesterol can cause a build-up of plaque in your arteries, which increases the risk factor of heart attack or stroke.

    You Can Find out the Overall Health of Your Liver by Doing a Liver Function Test:

    Blood Tests for Bilirubin: 

    The hemoglobin produces bilirubin in red blood cells. A high level or an increase in this may indicate that there’s been some damage to your bile ducts caused by gallstones, blockage, injury, or tumors in your pancreas that produce this substance naturally.

    Blood Tests for Proteins Made by the Liver: 

    Suppose there’s an imbalance between the production and breakdown of these proteins. In that case, it can indicate any problems with your health, like infections or inflammation, which must be treated before they get worse!

    For example, albumin (ALB) is responsible for transporting amino acids from the blood into tissues; prothrombin time (PT/INR), which helps control the clotting process. Blood clotting factors such as fibrinogen prevent excessive bleeding if someone has a hemophilia A disease type, so make sure you know about them before getting yourself checked out!


    This article has helped you understand why getting a Liver Function Test is essential. You can book your appointment online and get the best offers on an LFT test price. Please do not hesitate to meet your doctor if you have any questions or concerns.


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