June 13, 2024

    5 Low-Intensity Cardio Workouts That Work Better Than You Think

    The days of pounding the pavement for hours in order to get a good cardio workout are long gone. Nowadays, there are many low-impact activities that are given in the personal trainer app that can give you the same benefits as a more traditional high-impact workout without causing any harm to your joints or bones.

    Jumping rope:

    Jumping rope is an excellent way to exercise. It can be done anywhere and requires little equipment. Mimicking the movements of boxing and jumping rope increases your heart rate and burns fat quickly. When done with a partner, it’s also fun to get some good exercise in.

    Elliptical trainer:

    The elliptical trainer is a great cardio machine that can be used for both full-body workouts and HIIT. You can use this equipment to burn calories, lose weight, and build muscle simultaneously. It’s also suitable for rehabilitation because it doesn’t stress your joints or muscles. The only downside to using an elliptical is that it can get boring after a while, but there are ways around this!

    Swimming laps:

    Swimming is one of the best low-impact cardio activities. It’s full-body, gets your heart rate up, and is an excellent way to burn calories. If you don’t like swimming laps but still want to engage in some solid swimming practice, try doing some resistance exercises with a rubber band while floating on your back or using an exercise ball for stability as you do leg lifts.

    Walking lunges:

    Walking lunges are an excellent technique to lose weight and become in shape. While lunges will primarily work your legs, the glutes and hamstrings are also engaged, so you’ll be burning calories from multiple angles.

    To start, find a flat surface you can walk on. It’s best if this is outdoors, or at least somewhere with a lot of space so that you don’t trip over anything when doing this workout. Begin by taking one long step forward with each leg until both feet are planted firmly on the ground (a good tip is to count each step as “1”).

    Next, take another long step forward with one foot while bending your other knee towards your chest as if kneeling in prayer—until both knees reach 90 degrees (or as close as possible).

    Then straighten both legs again while shifting all weight onto them before repeating steps two through four for however many lunges it takes until you’ve reached 100 total repetitions (some people like keeping track using their fingers).

    Low-impact cardio activities can be more effective than you think:

    Many people are afraid of undertaking low-impact cardio because they assume it is less beneficial than high-intensity workouts, which burn more calories and fat in less time. However, this is not always true.

    Low-impact exercises like walking or cycling burn calories just as effectively as high-intensity activities like running, and they often have more benefits for the body.

    Low-impact exercise is ideal for people who are overweight or obese because it helps them build up their endurance slowly over time without putting too much stress on their joints and muscles.

    It’s also ideal for people with joint issues such as arthritis or injuries that make other forms of exercise difficult or painful. Low-impact workouts also tend to help improve blood pressure levels and heart health by improving circulation throughout the body.


    The key takeaway from this post is that low-impact cardio activities shown in the personal trainer app can be more effective than you think. They can help you burn more calories and lose weight faster.

    This means you no longer have to deal with the stress of high-impact workouts! If you’re looking for a simple way to integrate cardio into your training program, look no further, or just want a new way to stay fit without all that jumping around, these ten options are great choices.


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