March 1, 2024
    You may not think about it much, but good, clean air is vital to your health. This is why you need quality air in your house.

    The Importance of Quality Air in Your Home

    Most of us think of outdoor pollutants, like greenhouse gases, car combustion, and factories, when we think of quality air. But that’s not all that we need to consider.

    Indoor air quality can be even more important to your health than the clean air outside. After all, Americans are spending 93 percent of their time indoors (according to the EPA).

    Wow! With all that time indoors, your indoor air quality better be on point. Let’s read on to see more on why good air indoors is so important. 

    Indoor Pollutants Can Cause Cancer and Other Health Complications

    You might assume that indoor pollutants aren’t as dangerous as outdoor ones, but that’s a false assumption. If you smoke indoors or use any household cleaning chemicals, you are adding to the indoor air pollution.

    Chemicals like radon, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, and more are going to be part of the mix. These chemicals can cause a host of health complications like lung disease, lung cancer, asthma, allergies, and more. 

    Indoor Pollutants Are Mostly Ignored Due to Ignorance

    Most people keep their windows tightly shut against outdoor pollutants and imagine that they are protecting themselves, when in fact, they are forgetting about the silent killer that is indoor pollutants. 

    The quality of air indoors has to be accounted for as well. Get yourself educated on the matter, and start changing up your indoor habits, so you can reduce the number of indoor air pollutants in your home. 

    Indoor Pollutants Affect You All Day Long, Even While You Sleep

    The problem with indoor air pollutants is that it affects you all day long, even while you sleep. You might be breathing in exorbitant amounts of chemicals, while you rest at night in your bed, quite innocently.

    This is dangerous because as Americans spend so much time indoors, it should be the one place that we need to protect the most from chemicals and indoor pollutants using air filtration and HVAC services.  

    Indoor Pollutants Is Easy to Fix

    The good thing about indoor air quality is that it’s easy to fix. Of course, you could start by changing up the household cleaning chemicals you use.

    Start moving towards more natural chemicals, like baking soda and apple cider vinegar. Change up the laundry detergent you use as well. 

    Also, you could stop smoking indoors, if you do, and buy an air purifier to clean up your dirty indoor air. 

    The Importance of Quality Air for Health Cannot Be Overemphasized

    Now that you know about the importance of focusing on quality air indoors, you can start making some useful changes in your lifestyle. The better your indoor air quality, the healthier everyone in your family will be.

    Get started today. Every second counts when it comes to clean air.

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