June 14, 2024
    Has your washing machine been acting... odd recently? It might need some help. Take a look at these signs that mean you need washing machine repair.

    Is That Supposed to Happen? Signs You Need Washing Machine Repair

    The average American is putting off 6 chores at any given moment. And we’d bet our bottom dollar that doing the laundry sits somewhere on that list! After all, dealing with your dirty clothes is smelly and time-consuming at the best of times.

    Trust us, though, it’s even worse when your washer stops working! You’re forced to do things by hand, go to the local laundrette, or postpone the task entirely until the issue’s been fixed. That’s why you need to organize washing machine repair work as soon as there’s a hint of malfunction.

    Don’t, and you can expect the situation to get worse (and your laundry to start piling up in the process). Want some help identifying such problems when they arise? Check out the following signs you need a technician to repair your washer.

    It Isn’t Cleaning Your Clothes

    The clearest indication of a problem is when the washing machine stops serving its primary purpose! Pay attention next time you do the laundry- if your clothes come out as dirty as before (or only a little bit better), then it’s about time you seek repairs. Your machine could be past its sell-by date, or there might be a serious issue going on inside.

    Bear in mind that no fully-functioning washing machine needs multiple cycles to clean the laundry. Stubborn stains aside, it should be able to handle even heavily soiled clothing on a single run. If that’s no longer the case, then we suggest calling a professional to take a look.

    It Doesn’t Turn On

    Another obvious sign of trouble is when the machine refuses to start! The situation goes something like this: you put your washing inside, measure out the detergent, shut the lid, and hit ‘Go’. And nothing happens.

    You open and reclose the door. You play around with the settings. You check the power supply and make sure it’s plugged into the outlet…and still, nothing happens.

    Know the struggle? Well, we’re afraid this particular issue isn’t going to resolve itself. Call a professional to identify and fix the problem ASAP if you’re ever confronted with a washing machine that doesn’t run.

    Sky-High Utility Bills

    Be vigilant for increases in your utility bills too. Old and malfunctioning appliances of any kind (including washing machines) have a nasty habit of shooting your usage of water and electricity through the roof. If you’ve noticed such a spike, then consider getting a second opinion from a technician.

    Oh, and let’s not forget the lesson in this predicament: never assume that putting off washing machine repairs is the best solution for your bank balance! It might save you money in the short-term. But (whether it’s through sky-high utility bills or paying to fix more significant issues) you may have to fork out far more in the future.

    It Makes Loud Noises

    A certain amount of noise is normal when you run a washing machine. The trouble starts if/when those noises begin to ramp up in volume! And if your particular appliance sounds like it’s going to take off mid-cycle, then it may need attention.

    There’s a good chance those excessive noise levels are because your machine’s unbalanced, which is a nice and easy DIY fix. However, it’s also possible that a) it has a more significant underlying problem and/or b) you need a technician to take a look.

    Start by placing the washing machine on a flat, solid surface though. Ensure all four feet hit the ground and check that any clothes inside are distributed evenly (for top loading machines). These minor steps could rectify matters without the need for professional support.

    It Moves Around

    Be wary of walking washing machines as well. It goes without saying, but they really should stay put- regardless of what spin cycle they’re on! Has your machine started moving, shuffling, wiggling, and shifting itself around the room?

    Unless that movement’s a simple matter of readjusting the feet to ensure they’re level, washing machine repairs are in order. Fail to address that ‘walking’ and the water could spill from inside and/or the machine could disconnect itself from the outlet.

    The Drum Doesn’t Fill With Water

    A washing machine that doesn’t fill up with enough water has a problem. The real question is what’s causing it to happen! If you’re lucky, it’ll be something simple like an issue with the faucets, cycle selection, or a twist in the hose.

    But if you’re unlucky, then your water intake valve could be shot through, or the filter inside might have malfunctioned. Problematic lid switches and belts can also play their role. In these cases, you’ll need a pro to come out and handle the repairs; in worst-case scenarios, you may even need a brand new washer.

    The Machine’s Getting Old

    Most electronic goods hit an age where they’re no longer good enough for the job. In the world of washing machines, that’s often the 10 to the 11-year mark. Even the best washing machine of that age is far more likely to breakdown, hit a glitch, and/or require repairs.

    Even if you haven’t noticed anything obvious with your aging appliance, then, it may still be worth asking a technician to take a look. Like seeing the doctor for an annual check-up, they could spot a developing problem and give you a chance to address it in the early stages. You stand to save both money and angst in the process.

    Remember the Signs You Need Washing Machine Repair

    Nobody likes doing the laundry. But it gets much worse when the washing machine stops working! The result?

    It’s imperative that you stay on top of any issues and address them as soon as they arise. We hope this article will prove useful in this regard. Keep the signs you need washing machine repair work in mind and you should be able to prevent any bad laundry-related situations from getting worse!

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