June 21, 2024
    From gothic to modern, a door knocker adds a statement feature to your home's entrance. Check out our top picks for unique door knockers for your front door.

    Make a Statement Entrance: Unique Door Knockers for Your Home

    A full revival of your front door will cost you around $221. However, most Americans who want to renovate their homes don’t actually need to repaint and rebrand- they simply need to spruce up their home exterior with a bold new accessory.

    While there are many aspects to making your home a personalized and individualistic space, using unique door knockers is a great way to express yourself. They’re the first thing that people will see when walking up to your door and are therefore what makes the biggest first impression. There are plenty of options when it comes to doors for your home, and choosing a reputable company such as Black Badge Doors is crucial to ensure that you have a high quality and sturdy door fitted. When you’ve got an imposing and sturdy front door, you’ll want a way for people to knock without bashing their hands against the door itself – this is where a knocker comes in.

    Read on to learn some of the best knocker styles for your front door that you can choose from.

    Historical Reproductions

    Because of their role in period dramas and on old buildings, door knockers are commonly associated with old times. This makes sense when you consider that people have been using them for centuries. The Tudors didn’t have doorbells, after all, and needed to make themselves known!

    Your door doesn’t need to look like it’s from the 1500s to provide an air of nostalgia, though. Many gothic cathedral-style door knockers and renaissance styles are available for purchase at a low price. While not actually from the time period that they’re reminiscent of, these pieces are sure to make those who approach your home feel like they’re entering Mr. Darcy’s home or braving Northanger Abbey. 

    These round and intricately-designed door knockers are often paired with clavos. These are large, decorative nailheads that can be used as an adornment to your front door. You can put them over or under your door knocker or use them as a way to accent the area surrounding your vintage-inspired doorknob.

    Nostalgic Throwbacks

    There are many door knockers out there that are reminiscent of a Victorian manor without actually being reproductions or replicas. These knockers usually feature complex designs that feature florals, organic lines, and swirling shapes.

    They’re nostalgic in that they invoke the idea of old times while still usually having a modern flair. Unlike historical reproductions, they’re likely to feature modern materials and styles that were popular in the 20th century. These styles include Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and Modernism.

    These throwbacks may also look completely Victorian but be in colors that those in the 1800s never would have thought to paint their door knockers. A pale pink or mint green knocker is the perfect way to pay homage to the 1950s while a bright blue one is an awesome way to express modern-day cheerfulness and welcoming.

    Since there’s nothing quite like a blend of the old and the new, this is definitely something you’ll want to check out.

    Brass and Modern Metals

    Old-timey door knockers are cool and are often made with iron. Iron lasts for a long time but is still susceptible to wear and tear if your home is in a particularly stormy or cold area. Some people prefer modern curated metals over antique-look iron for this reason.

    Stainless steel and brass are specifically made to withstand outdoor elements. They don’t corrode in the rain, dent when the wind knocks them into other areas of your door, or frost over on snowy days. This makes them a top choice for practical-minded homeowners.

    Historical styles can still be made from newer metals, so you don’t need to sacrifice the aesthetic entirely. However, you can also choose to give it a more contemporary look. This is what many homeowners choose to do because brass and stainless steel are shiny and new-looking.

    Pair them with a door that uses clean, straight lines and minimal colors. An eggshell-white door with black or colored trim is a perfect choice. Make sure that a gold or copper-hued knocker is paired with warm-colored trim and that stainless steel is paired with cool hues. You don’t want anything to clash!

    Gorgeous Glass

    Many people have recently been choosing to get glass front doors for their homes. Even those who think that they might be too fragile and worry about privacy have been coming up with ways to incorporate glass accents on their doors. Stained glass windows at the tops of doors are fairly popular, as are doorknobs made from multicolored glass. You can visit this page to get more glass options for front doors.

    Modern door knockers can also be made from durable glass. They can be easily mounted on a front door using brass screws, just like all other door knockers can. Use a sturdy backing and you’ll be just fine assuming that you purchase glass that’s meant to be knocked on.

    Assuming that everyone who approaches your house has common sense, there should be absolutely no problem with a glass knocker’s longevity. Concerns about their durability only serve to make them more unique and stand out on the front of your door.

    Perfect Porcelain

    Porcelain, like glass, is a sophisticated material that modern homeowners can’t get enough of. If you choose to use porcelain doorknobs, you can invest in a knocker made from the same material.

    One of the best things about porcelain is how customizable it is. If you’re not concerned with it breaking, you have the opportunity to choose intricate, colorful paint patterns for your door knocker. Unlike spray-painted metals, you can get porcelain options that are hand-painted with unique patterns and intricate, colorful designs.

    If you’re a DIY enthusiast, you can even do this on your own! It’s a fun crafting idea and lets you work on something that will actually be put to good use.

    Custom Door Knockers

    Custom door knockers are a great choice for anyone who wants to make an especially individual statement. You can customize them to be any shape and size you want to ensure that they fit perfectly on your door. You usually can also choose the material that they’re made from to make sure that it’s durable enough for your needs.

    One of the biggest benefits of custom door knockers, though, is that you can engrave specialized patterns onto them. If you’re a fan of florals, you can have tiny flowers put into the metal. You can also add organic lines, straight and bold stripes, or small dots that give your knocker cheerful character.

    In the same way that you can choose patterns for your door knocker, you can also engrave text onto them. This is awesome if you want to put your names or those of your family members on the door of your home. If you have a larger family and need more space, you can also just include initials.

    Finally, you can get a custom door knocker that matches the doorknob that you choose. You can get both personalized or get those that have matching patterns. This creates a cohesive look that those who visit you are sure to love.

    Interesting Color Palettes

    One of the coolest things you can choose in regards to your door knocker is a color palette. Generally, there are three ways that you can create a scheme for any element of your decor:

    • A monochromatic color scheme (black, gray, or white + any one color)- this is common for doors because the neutral hue makes for a great base hue while the color is great for the trim
    • A complementary color scheme that consists of 2 colors that are opposite one another on the color wheel (one color for the knocker and another for the door’s base hue)
    • An analogous color scheme consisting of 2-3 hues next to each other on the color wheel (one for the knocker, one for the base hue, and possibly a third for the trim)

    But how can you choose the perfect colors?

    Unless you’re going with a neutral metal hue (silver or gold), you can use color psychology to set the tone for what your home is like. Are you a sociable, welcoming, and energetic person? A knocker spray-painted yellow or orange is a great choice. On the flipside, blue paint will showcase that you and your family are calm, inviting, and relaxed people.

    This principle can be used regardless of the shape and style of your knocker, so it’s something to consider no matter what.

    Get Unique Door Knockers Today

    Unique door knockers are one of the best ways that you can set the tone for what the inside of your home will be like. Visitors will enjoy carefully curated home decor, so it’s always a good idea to ensure a cohesive and comprehensive design scheme.

    Now that you know some of the most interesting door knocker styles out there, it’s time to get started. Browse the ‘home’ tab on our home page for more ideas about both exterior and interior renovation. Here, you can read articles about creating a cohesive overall aesthetic for your home, so take a look.


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