June 17, 2024

    Top 4 reasons to get Coverwise Travel Insurance

    There are so many things we need to do before we feel ready for our special trip, from buying those swimming goggle to getting that last-minute haircut. Whatever type of holiday people are going on it can take a lot of preparation before feeling ready.

    The final days before the holiday can be so busy, sometimes things are forgotten. Usually, it is something we can buy at the airport or it doesn’t have a bigger effect than being a small inconvenience.

    However, one thing that should never be forgotten is travel insurance. Holidays can be run to a tight budget, and it is understandable to be looking to save some costs, but travel insurance should never be overlooked. Most big insurance brands have their own policies in this sector, and AXA is one that offers affordable services and packages to the UK market through the brand Coverwise.

    Here are some areas these sorts of services can benefit you.

    1. Medical Emergencies

    Travel insurance with medical benefits will cover you for medical and dental emergencies that happen on your holiday. This can include medical transport to the closest suitable medical facility, and the price of returning home after a covered injury or illness.

    Medical emergencies may be the first reason we think of to get health insurance, but most people assume that something serious won’t happen to us. However, if you weigh up the small cost of buying insurance versus the huge costs of medical emergencies overseas, health insurance is surely a must. It’s worth checking that your health insurance at home does not already cover going abroad.

    1. Lost Baggage

    Having your baggage lost or stolen is a common problem for a traveller to incur, and it’s costly to replace your items. You may have lost not just your clothes, but also any electrical or valuable items you brought with you. Therefore, taking out insurance that covers your baggage can prove a wise decision.

    Although the airlines may refund some losses, it is unlikely they will cover all of them. Potentially leaving you significantly out of pocket, if you buy replacement items. Choosing the right health insurance can help you avoid this headache.

    1. Evacuations

    Natural disasters come in many forms, and are present in one form or another, all over the globe. If there was a hurricane threat in the area you were staying in, your travel insurance company can arrange for you to be evacuated. This can be done at no extra cost, and with some insurance policies even reimbursing you for any lost holiday.

    1. Relaxation

    Having adequate insurance coverage can give you peace of mind when travelling away from home. You can feel less nervous when waiting by the luggage carrousel, or being attached to a boat on an inflatable banana. Being covered will remove those nagging thoughts or worries in your mind and allow you to truly relax. Safe in the knowledge that if an emergency happened you are fully covered.

    Given the nightmare stories we sometimes here, having good travel insurance should be something we never leave home without. When we consider the other costs involved with taking out holiday insurance is cheap. It is simple and easy to get covered today. Coverwise offer great packages at affordable prices, letting you rest at ease while on holiday, without costing you a fortune. Have a look at available packages, reviews and customer feedback here.


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