May 23, 2024

    The Super Chill Landlord: A Guide to 420 Friendly Housing

    Marijuana legality is a wonderful thing! But as a landlord, you may not have considered how to provide 420 friendly housing in your area. 

    With legal cannabis come marijuana smokers. Regardless of your personal preference, your residents may smoke within your property. However, remaining a super chill landlord about marijuana laws can help give you a good reputation with your tenants. 

    Not sure where to begin about making your rental property 420 friendly? Read on! 

    States with Legal Cannabis Consumption

    As of January 1, 2020, states allowing recreational marijuana use are Alaska, Washington state, Oregon, Colorado, California, Nevada, Illinois, Michigan, Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, and also the District of Columbia. For medical marijuana use, there are 33 states, three U.S. territories, and D.C. that allow it. 

    Stay up-to-date and familiar with your state’s laws on marijuana consumption and possession. Your tenants will appreciate it, especially if they’re wanting to smoke from some cool glass in your rental. Here’s where you can check it out (the glass, that is). 

    The Federal Law

    While you might want to provide 420 friendly housing, remember that, under federal law, marijuana is a Schedule I controlled substance. This may make you uneasy about renting to marijuana smokers since you’re not sure where that leaves you. 

    However, under state law, you do have the agency to allow marijuana use within your rental properties. In addition, medical marijuana cannot be prosecuted using federal funds. In this case, renting to medical marijuana users should be just fine.

    This does mean you need to be upfront with your tenants about statewide marijuana laws and your own rental rules for marijuana consumption. 

    Include It in Your Leases

    When you lease to tenants, make it explicit in the leases you sign with them. The exact rules regarding marijuana consumption in your properties need to be in writing in a legal lease. 

    Consult a legal advisor to help you use the correct legal jargon in your leases regarding your smoke friendly apartment. Some tenants may not know “smoke friendly” refers to marijuana, as they may assume it refers to tobacco. That’s why it’s important to state it clearly! You might wish to provide your tenants with some smoking apparatus such as a bubbler pipe when they move in, this way you know they’re consuming it safely in your property, it also serves as a nice gesture which can foster a good relationship with your tenants.

    Don’t Want the Smoke? Then Edibles are Here!

    Great alternatives to smoking marijuana include edibles, vaping, and more. If you’re uneasy about smoke, especially if you think it could damage your wall paint or carpeting in your rental, then make a clause in your lease stating that! Tenants can’t smoke, but they can enjoy an edible at their leisure. 

    This way you’re not totally cutting off potential tenants when you say it’s a “smoke-free” apartment. You’ll have a wider pool of tenants to rent to! 

    Your 420 Friendly Housing

    You’ll be the most chill landlord when you allow your rentals to be the ultimate 420 friendly housing. Marijuana isn’t going away: in fact, there are more states voting on marijuana legalization in November. Now’s the time to take a second glance at your state’s legal cannabis laws and make the switch to providing 420 friendly housing. 

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