July 14, 2024

    4 Common Workers’ Compensation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    Have you been injured on the job?

    If yes, you’re probably already getting treatment for injuries while being thankful that the accident wasn’t fatal. In private workplaces across the United States, about 5000 workers die every year. Over 2 million workers sustain injuries.

    You’re probably also worried about your healthcare expenses. And if your injury keeps you out of work, you could lose an income too.

    The good news is you don’t have to be overly worried. You just need to file a workers’ compensation claim.

    In this article, we’re sharing workers’ compensation mistakes you must avoid. This will help ensure you’re getting a just settlement.

    Read on!

    Failing to Report Your Accident

    It’s understandable that you might not have the presence of mind to report an accident right after it happens. Or you might be hurt so badly the first thing you need is to get treatment. Or perhaps you lost consciousness.

    Regardless of your specific circumstances, don’t assume that somebody will make a report on your behalf. The relevant department will certainly be aware, but you still need to make a formal report.

    As such, it’s super important to report your accident as soon as practical without putting your health in danger.

    Being Cagey About Your Condition

    The biggest share of your settlement will stem from your medical records. If you spend $50K on treatment, you should receive at least the same amount from your employer’s insurance provider.

    This is why you shouldn’t be hideous with your injury once you’re at the hospital. You’ll probably be getting treatment from a facility that’s certified by your employer’s insurance provider, so your medical condition won’t be a secret.

    Give your doctor a full account of what happened. Don’t hide any injury fearing that your medical bill will blow through the roof. Put your health first. If you choose to employ the services of a lawyer to have help with navigating the legal process, they’ll likely tell you the same kind of advice, by ensuring you are checked by medical experts you strengthen the base of your legal claim, it also helps to prevent any arguments from being made that you were more interested in making money off a claim than making sure you’re okay after an incident.

    While getting treatment, be sure to follow your doctor’s orders. If you’re discharged from the hospital and instructed to get bed rest, do that. If you engage in activities that worsen your injury or delay your recovery, your doctor could find out and include the information on their report. The insurance company can use the information to lower your settlement substantially.

    Failing to File a Compensation Claim on Time

    The time limit for filing a workers’ compensation claim varies from state to state, but it ranges from one to three years, with a few exceptions in between.

    In most cases, though, if you fail to file a compensation claim on time, you could forfeit your legal rights to fair compensation.

    Failing to Hire a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

    It’s not a must to hire an attorney, especially if your injury is slight and you’re getting satisfactory help from your employer.
    However, if your case is complicated, don’t hesitate to hire
    a reputable workers compensation lawyer. This professional will fight for you at every step of the way, ensuring you end up with a just settlement for your injuries and their consequences.

    Don’t Commit These Workers’ Compensation Mistakes

    After you’ve been injured at work, you need to be compensated accordingly. For that to happen, there are things you need to do, including avoiding these workers’ compensation mistakes.

    Keep reading our blog for more tips and insights.


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