May 17, 2024
    Remote work can present challenges, especially when it comes to team building. There are remote team building activities that can help. Learn more here.

    The Dos and Don’ts of Remote Team Building

    Are you one of the many businesses that have been forced into remote working in the last year? While many foresee a return to the office, for others remote working is now the reality. While it does have many benefits, knowing how to build a team can be problematic. 

    One way to do that is through remote team building. Read on as we give our rundown on remote team building. 

    Do Share the Big Picture

    Working remotely can be a very isolated way to work. If you are wondering how to build a team remotely, then people need to feel like they are doing something of worth and value for a larger cause. Part of this is sharing the bigger picture. 

    Create a company mission, stating what you do and the values that make you operate. Ensure team members know what happens before their task, after it, and how it fits into the bigger picture. 

    Don’t Introduce More Platforms

    Events, to-do lists, emails, and files are just some of the systems your team will be working with. Part of learning how to build a team remotely is knowing how to make their task easier to facilitate. This can be done by limiting the log ins and numerous programs they need to use before they can even begin the tasks. 

    Try to find an all-in-one solution, or at least one that does most of them. If you are adding more functions, try to add them to an already existing platform rather than start using a new one. 

    Do Use Team Exercises

    Many people think team building exercises don’t work for remote teams. However, team building works in exactly the same way. By organizing problem-solving and games, you build bonds and relationships between your staff that will inform the way they work together. 

    Don’t Micro-Manage the Process

    Remote workers are used to being given a task and then working on it independently. It is how their job, particularly if they have come from freelance work, goes. 

    Make sure you are clear about the outcome you want and let them work out the journey. This gives you more time to do other tasks. They may even think of ways to work and solve the problem that you never imagined. 

    Do Use Group Calls

    If you are wondering how to boost team morale remotely, then hold a weekly staff group call. Not only can you discuss the project, but it allows time for your team to interact. By introducing quick, non work related conversation topics you are facilitating the building of relationships that will aid you team in the long term. 

    Remote Team Building Consistency

    Remote team building requires consistency. These tasks often need to be repeated and acted upon regularly. As new people come into the fold, it is important to make them feel welcome. 

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