May 23, 2024
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    5 Major Signs That You Need a Water Softener

    From your shower to your cooking, you use water every day. But sometimes your water may be doing more harm than good to you and your home. Having hard water can make home maintenance more difficult.

    How can you tell you have hard water if there’s no visible difference? There are signs all around your house that hard water is causing havoc.

    Here are the 5 major signs you need a water softener.

    1. Clogged Pipes

    Have you noticed your water draining slowly? Maybe you have to do repairs on your pipes more often. This could be because of hard water creating limescale buildups that are clogging your pipes.

    Clogged pipes make water move slowly, which can increase the mineral buildups over time. Constantly repairs can be costly, and doing nothing can damage home appliances. Instead, opt for a water softener.

    2. Stains on Sinks and Bathtubs

    No one wants to spend all of their Saturdays scrubbing away at stains. Unfortunately, this can be a common way for you to spend your weekends if you have hard water.

    High levels of hard water can leave stains on your bathtub and sinks. They can be hard to remove even with lots of scrubbing. You can use vinegar to remove the stain, but that won’t be a permanent solution like getting rid of hard water.

    3. Faded Clothes

    Clothes not looking vibrant or come out the laundry itchy? You guessed it: hard water might be to blame. If your clothes look grayer when they come out of the wash, that’s a major sign you might have hard water.

    Just like hard water can stain your bath and sink, it can also stain your clothes. Hard water can cause reddish and purplish stains that are hard to remove.

    4. Brittle Glassware

    If your glassware seems to have gotten brittle over the years or even broken and shattered, hard water may be to blame. Hard water etches your glassware over time, making it more susceptible to breaking.

    While there are hacks that can save your glassware, the problem will always be there if you have hard water.

    5. Dry Skin and Hair

    Even you yourself aren’t safe from the effects of hard water. If your skin has felt dry and itchy or your hair feels brittle or lost color after a shower, you might have hard water.

    Excess minerals sitting on your skin and hair can leave behind a residue that causes irritation over time. These are major signs you have hard water, but a water analysis can tell you for sure.

    Home Maintenance: Know the Signs of Hard Water

    You use water so often, don’t you want it to be the best and most beneficial it can be? Many homeowners don’t realize that they have hard water running through their pipes.

    As innocent as it may seem, hard water can cause problems for your home maintenance and yourself. It’s time to make the switch and install a water softener in your home today.

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