May 23, 2024

    The Brooklyn CDPAP is One of the Best Ways to Provide Living Assistance for the Elderly

    If you or someone you know lives in Brooklyn New York and is elderly, there is a good chance that there is a need for special services that can provide them with assistance to carry out their daily activities. Here is a list of great services and products designed to assist the elderly to function better in their lives.

    Brooklyn CDPAP

    The Brooklyn based Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program also called Brooklyn CDPAP, is designed to get assistance for the elderly or impaired who need to receive in-home care, and the care can be administered by neighbors, friends, or family members. This government back service is available to anyone in need and provides a way for people to have those they know be their service provider.

    Special Touch CDPAP helps to guide people through the process of applying for this program, by offering logistical support and our educated guidance through their vast knowledge and experience working with Managed Medicaid Care Plans that serve Brooklyn communities. This wonderful community based service helps resident in need and puts those who can assist to work.

    Mobility Scooter

    A mobility scooter is an electric mobility device that elderly or impaired people can sit on and ride around an area. They are electric powered and provide a stable and safe way to transport their riders. Best of all they provide a sense of freedom for those who have to constantly ask others for assistance. Mobility scooters come in several sizes. Some are quite large and are generally used around the home. They do not lend themselves to me transported other places. Thee are also mini mobility scooters that fit into the back of an SUV and even the runk of large cars. THese can be taken a park, shopping center or other places providing the those who need them a way to get around without a traditional wheelchair or walker. Mobility scooters are a great transportation device for those who have mobility issues.

    Portable GPS Trackers

    The elderly can begin to lose their memories or the way as they age. They can often get confused and not be sure where they are. Many also will walk off due to this confusion putting them in harm’s way. A portable GPS tracker is a small device that can be placed within the clothing of the elderly person and it will give off a constant signal for where the person is at the moment. GPS trackers utilize satellites rather than cellular networks to track locations so they work nearly everywhere and they work with software that is loaded onto a mobile phone providing a mobile base for tracking.anyone. Some also contain sirens or other sounds that can be triggered remotely allowing you to find the person if they are lost. A portable GPS tracker is a wonderful tool for anyone concerned about an elderly person who is having issues with their memory or is easily confused.


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