April 24, 2024

    The 5 Best Ski Resorts in Innsbruck

    Once the cold weather knocks at our doors, we start preparing ourselves for the best winter experiences possible. Winter is never complete without a ski session in a winter wonderland and Innsbruck is definitely one of the top-notch destinations when it comes to ski resorts. Travelers looking for fantastic skiing experiences will find this city a perfect choice to experience wonderful adventures. Exhilarating ski runs and amazing slopes can be found in this winter wonderland which is more and more popular among the tourists all over the world.

    Once you’ve taken off your Innsbruck airport taxi and found your best accommodation, put on your skiing suit and make sure you head to one of the following amazing ski resorts in Innsbruck. Check out our top 5 best ski resorts in Innsbruck and get ready to embark on this winter journey:

    • Stubai Glacier

    Located in Stubai, only 45 minutes from Innsbruck, this ski resort is designed for skiing and snowboarding. You’ll find yourself in the middle of a winter wonderland which provides almost 40 km of slopes and 20 km of ski routes available. With such opportunities, no wonder Stubai Glacier is among the ski lovers’ favorites! The glare from the snow can blind you, don’t forget to order some shades online from a site like SmartBuyGlasses. Also, wear lots of layers!

    • Axamer Lizum

    30 kilometers of slopes and 10 kilometers of ski routes wait for ski enthusiasts in Axamer Lizum ski resort. This resort has an urban atmosphere, a cool style and it is designed to suit all levels of skiing abilities. Make sure you add it on your list and you’ll definitely love it!

    • Bergeralm – Steinach am Brenner

    Not only do you get the chance to ski on amazing slopes here, but at the end of your journey you’ll be offered an amazing panoramic view of the Wipptal valley as a reward. This ski resort in Innsbruck offers opportunities for children to practice skiing as well, so it is perfect for families. Regardless of the difficulty level you choose to ski, Bergeralm will be suited for you.

    • Schlick 2000 – Fulpmes

    For ski and snowboard lovers, Schlick 2000 opens every winter season its 22 km of slopes and 1,5 km of ski routes available. This ski resort is for everyone: from free riders to big families who come there to have fun. Located in Stubai, this ski resort has it all!

    • Rosshütte – Seefeld

    Whether you’re a snowboarder, a carver or simply a familyist who wants to have fun with his/her children, Rosshutte offers opportunities to enjoy your winter holiday for everyone. With 18.3 km of slopes available and 11 lifts to transport the guests, Rosshutte is one of the ski resorts in Austria that you should simply not miss.

    • Muttereralm – Mutters/​Götzens

    Another great ski resort is Muttereralm, situated only 10 minutes away from Innsbruck. All types of winter fun can be experienced here and the diversity seems to attract more and more ski enthusiasts every year.

    We’re sure that our list with the 5 best ski resorts in Innsbruck proved to you one more time that Austria is definitely one of the best places to visit during winter. Choose the best resort to fit your tastes and you’ll gather great experiences in these winter wonderlands!


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