June 21, 2024

    Why You Should Be Looking Now For 2019 Disneyland Deals

    Disneyland is one of the greatest theme parks in the world and it is one which has set the industry standard for what a theme park should be. Beyond the adrenalin fueled rides you will find a huge array of shows, events and experiences within Disneyland that you and the family will never forget. What is amazing about Disneyland is the fact that it is for everyone and excitable kids will have just as much fun as the adults who have taken them there. To keep your costs down and get the most out of your park experience you should be on the lookout for Disneyland deals, and here is why now is the best time to get started on your search for some great deals.

    Hotel Saver

    One of the most popular Disneyland deals which are offered is a combination package that includes park entrance as well as accommodation in the Disney hotel. Many think that the hotel is costly but with these deals you can bring that price right down. The Disney hotel is the ultimate Disney experience and the whole place is operated in the same way as the parks, with fun and magic being central to what they do. Staying in the Disney hotel also makes getting to the park very easy and you will even be offered early entry so that you can get in before everyone else.

    Fast Pass

    When you buy a ticket for Disneyland you will be given a Fast Pass which has 3 credits that you can use to skip the queues on your favorite rides. If you keep searching online then you may find deals which offer you park tickets as well as extra Fast Passes. These are great deals because although they may cost a little extra, it means that your time in Disneyland will be spent enjoying the rides and activities, rather than waiting in line. Some rides can have queues of up to 3 hours which means that your day will be spent waiting rather than having fun, snap up these extra Fast Passes and you can make sure that you day is about fun, not lines.

    Multiple Parks

    Most families who go to California want to experience all of Disney’s parks, as well as other notable theme parks such as Universal Studios and SeaWorld. This is why you will often find many combination offers that include access to more than one park. These deals are fantastic because they will save you and the family money on entrance to numerous parks in California. These deals are more often than not offered by 3rd party companies so make sure that you cast your net wide when looking for great deals ahead of your trip.

    You can find these deals online and it is recommended that you start now, in order to get the deals when they are first released, as you can imagine they go very quickly.


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