April 24, 2024
    Do you find yourself overheating at night? From silk bedding, to portable fans, to eating habits, here are our tips to stay cool while sleeping at night.

    Tips to Stay Cool While Sleeping at Night

    Are you wondering how to stay cool at night? It’s a good question, one that many people have. Whether you are trying to cut back on your AC or you don’t have an AC to begin with, trying to stay cool at night can be a bit of a difficult task. 

    If you are used to waking up drenched in sweat, you know that sleeping in a hot room and bed is more than just a little uncomfortable.

    Fortunately, you can cool your bedroom at night, even without using an air conditioner. By using a few tips and tricks, and making a few minor adjustments, you can be cool and comfortable while you sleep.

    If you are wondering how to stay cool in the nighttime without using your AC, this short and simple guide is for you. 

    Change Your Bedding 

    One of the best ways to stay cool at night is to change your bedding. Depending on the thread count, color, breathability, and moisture-wicking abilities, your sheets can be causing you to sweat. Consider investing in satin, bamboo, or Egyptian cotton sheets, along with pillows that stay cool and silk pillowcases.

    Wear Cotton Pajamas

    Just like your sheets, the material of the pajamas you wear to bed can cause you to sweat during the night. If your bedroom is warm, consider wearing cotton pajamas. Cotton is lightweight and moisture-wicking, which is ideal for staying cool.

    Create a Cross-Breeze 

    If you want to stay cool without using your AC, create a cross-breeze in your room. You can do this by placing a fan directly across from your open window or another fan. This is a great way to get the air flowing, which will cool you off significantly. 

    Invest in a Cooling Mattress

    While having sheets that stay cool is important, you can supercharge your efforts by investing in a cooling mattress. Trade in your hot memory foam mattress for a cooler option like organic latex, hybrid, or innerspring. You can also use a cooling mattress topper. 

    Sleep Spread-Eagle 

    Some sleeping positions will cause you to sweat because your skin is touching, which generates heat and results in hot and sticky skin. To remedy this, try sleeping on your back, spread-eagle, so you are encouraging airflow. 

    Stay Hydrated 

    Did you know staying hydrated can help cool off at night? It’s true, when you are properly hydrated your body can better regulate your temperature. Make sure you are hydrating by drinking the recommended amount of water daily. 

    Use These Tips to Stay Cool at Night

    By using these tips, you can stay cool while you are sleeping at night.

    Start by upgrading your mattress and staying away from heat-generating bedding. You should also wear cotton pajamas, create a cross-breeze in your room, and sleep spread-eagle. Make sure to stay hydrated so you can naturally regulate your body temperature.

    Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to enjoying cooler nights.

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