April 24, 2024

    Simple Ways to Improve Your Backyard

    Whether you’re a new homeowner or a veteran, there are many things you can do to beautify your backyard. Elbow grease and a little time can go a long way toward making your yard look better.

    For example, if you have flower beds, try adding a border. This simple addition makes your flowers stand out and helps separate them from the rest of the lawn.

    Add Beautiful Landscaping

    A backyard should be a place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. Add color with flower beds that showcase your favorite blooms, or go wild with a meadow of wildflowers.

    Stepping stones and pavers make budget-friendly walkways that guide families and guests across gardens, grass or rock landscaping elements. A stepping stone pathway can also highlight the different “rooms” of your backyard. Keep maintenance low with a yard filled with plants and shrubs that thrive in your area’s climate. Although you can buy plants from big-box retailers, visiting a garden center is recommended. Attract helpful critters like barn owls to help control pests. 

    Add a Pathway

    A backyard pathway is a beautiful way to add shape and structure to a garden or yard. Use curved tracks for a more organic look, or define your path with bricks for a more defined design.

    Add interest to stone and paved paths with plantings and trailing plants. Ground-hugging plants such as thyme, fescue and lavender soften the hard lines of slabs and pavers. A layer of mulch is a simple and inexpensive way to improve the look of any pathway.

    Mulch is essential to four-season interest and helps keep the plant bed free of weeds. Typically, lawnmowers gather or finely shred the clippings before returning them to the lawn in a uniform layer. By denying weeds access to sunlight, the second method, mulching, aids in keeping the grass healthy and green while suppressing weed growth.

    You might need to clean or replace your filter if your lawn mower suddenly becomes a gas-guzzling beast. Filters can clog in the middle of the season if you’re using your mower more frequently than normal, even if you had replaced it during your annual tune-up. The motor may have to work harder than necessary due to a blocked or malfunctioning filter, burning up more gas, so hiring a lawn mower repair is needed to ensure it’s working.

    Add a Pool

    A pool is one of the best ways to make your backyard beautiful. It brings a tropical resort feel to your yard, calming you and your family. Even the smallest of yards can house a pool. This tiny backyard swimming pool uses space efficiently with a wooden walkway, modern pool loungers and potted cacti. Add beautiful flowers to your pool area for a colorful and peaceful relaxing place. A simple floral arrangement can transform the whole backyard into a paradise.

    Add a Shed

    A shed is great for storing your gardening tools and outdoor recreational equipment. However, it can also become an eyesore if you don’t design it properly.

    A clean white shed with black fixtures and accents is a perfect fit if you’re into the modern farmhouse look. You can also add a stone pathway and surround it with short plants for added beauty.

    Another easy way to beautify your shed is by adding a lattice. It can be painted in white for a fresh, summery look or left natural and overgrown with vines or bougainvilleas for a more rustic touch.

    Add a Patio

    A patio transforms any backyard into a cozy outdoor lounge or dining area. You can make it as simple or elaborate as possible with a few inexpensive backyard ideas. Start by clearing out the area you want to lay your patio.

    Dig down 7 inches, then spread and compact a layer of base gravel with a manual tamper or rented plate compactor. Put a thick layer of paver sand over the gravel. Level it out with a tamper or mallet and add a weed barrier to help keep the sand from shifting.

    Add a Sitting Area

    A well-designed backyard seating area can elevate your outdoor living space. Create a cozy dining nook with comfortable chairs for al fresco meals, or install a hammock between trees for relaxing afternoon naps.

    Backyard sitting ideas can also include a fire pit, which brings everyone together on cool evenings, or a lush garden with seating arranged around it for a more serene atmosphere. Add a colorful array of potted plants and flowers to brighten any backyard sitting space.

    Add a Water Feature

    Water features are excellent for designing a calm environment. The soothing sound of running water masks outdoor noise and helps filter the air. Adding a stream or waterfall can be a dramatic and refreshing addition, while a fountain or pond provides a tranquil effect.

    Even a simple bird bath will attract fascinating wildlife to your backyard. For a unique touch, adorn your water feature with a decorative statue. You can find figures in various shapes, sizes and characters to add personality to your garden.

    Add a Treehouse or Playset

    Creating a shady, relaxing spot will make your backyard the place to be. If you like to entertain, consider adding a grill and dining area. A walkway helps limit the traffic through your yard, which can damage your grass. Use pavers or stone to create a walkway that adds beauty and definition to your landscaping design. Design a napping nook in your backyard with an old futon cushion and bedding for the ultimate retreat. 


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