June 21, 2024
    Looking to bring some more life to your space? We sifted through the dirt and found the best indoor plants for any room.

    People Who Live With Plants: Your Indoor Plant Guide

    After a year indoors, are you sick of staring at the walls? Have you been thinking about how much you’d like a new roommate without the added noise and stress? Whatever the case, it’s time to mix things up in your living space.

    How does a nice plant sound?  

    Plants are the latest, greatest way to add new life to your home without breaking the bank! But what plants do well indoors? As it turns out, there are a plethora of low-maintenance plants that do well inside, and we’ve done the work of tracking them down for you! 

    Whether you care to incorporate a little bit of green into your next interior design project or just want to “liven” up your living space, there’s a plant for that! Read on to learn why living decor – in the form of indoor plants – might be your best bet when it comes to styling your space! 

    The Best Indoor Plants

    Way back in elementary school, we all learned what plants need. Not all potted plants are created equal, however, and that’s good news for you! There are so many indoor plants that don’t need daily maintenance to grow and thrive in your home! 

    For the Absent-Minded 

    The easiest plant for small spaces might be the snake plant. These plants are so easy to care for (and tolerate so much neglect) that they basically take care of themselves! 

    These attractive houseplants only need indirect sunlight and limited watering to thrive. They benefit from drying out in between waterings, so don’t feel guilty if you forget about your new friend! Your snake plant will provide a pop of life to your space without asking for much in return!  

    For the Cave-Dweller

    If you and Dracula share the same affinity for dark spaces, you can still enjoy a taste of green living! The ZZ Plant (also known as Zamioculcas zamiifolia) is happy in low-light conditions. It also needs limited watering, which makes it ideal for living decor. 

    For the Color-Lover

    If you’re seeking something a little more striking than a touch of green, the striking Anthurium (otherwise known as a laceleaf) might be your new buddy. They have the bonus of being exceptional at purifying the air in an indoor space. Finally, a houseplant that is worth its keep! 

    Unlike the other plants on the list, Anthurium does benefit from a lot of indirect light. It also demands a little more water and tends to thrive in a humid environment. 

    For the Beach-G

    If you are perpetually thinking about the beach, you might be cheered by the presence of your very own miniature palm tree! The Parlor Palm is an indoor plant that originates in Central America but looks beautiful in any home. It does well with limited light and lower temperatures, making it an excellent indoor choice. 

    Live Green With Indoor Plants

    No matter who you are, there is an easy-to-care-for indoor plant for you! Plants purify the air, add a pop of life, and can even lower anxiety! If you’re considering picking up a quiet new roommate, a quick visit to the local plant nursery might do the trick! 

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