July 12, 2024
    If you're trying to budget for the right dumpster for you, you may be wondering: how much can I fit in a 10 yard dumpster? We'll answer to your question here!

    Dumpster Talk: How Much Can Fit In a 10 Yard Dumpster?

    You’ve been budgeting a dumpster for your next project. Being one of the most affordable and compact options, you wonder if you can pull off a 10 yard dumpster. But will that size work, or do you need to splurge on a larger option?

    Continue reading to learn how much can fit in a 10 yard dumpster. Also, learn valuable tips on renting a dumpster in general.

    Approximate Amount of Trash or Debris

    A 10 yard dumpster will hold approximately 50 to 70 33-gallon trash bags, depending on how filled each bag is. This works out to between 4,000 and 6,000 pounds of trash or debris. To put it into perspective, a 10 yard dumpster holds about as much waste as three pickup trucks with moderate loads.

    Estimations by Project

    How much material you can safely pack into a 10 yard dumpster depends largely on what you’re throwing inside. We’ll look at a few common projects and how many materials you should be able to fit in one of these dumpsters.

    If you’re undertaking a roofing project, you should be able to fit about 1,500 square feet of shingles inside. Are you pulling out decking or redoing your fence line? Approximately 250 square feet of materials should fit inside.

    During home cleanouts, the furniture from a small to moderately sized living room should be able to fit into a 10 yard dumpster. Outdoor project? About one cubic yard of dirt or other heavy debris can safely be disposed of inside this size of dumpster.

    10 Yard Dumpster Is Great for These Projects

    Different projects require varying sizes of dumpsters. However, a 10 yard dumpster is generally great for these projects:

    This isn’t an all-inclusive list. A 10 yard dumpster may work for other projects on an individual basis.

    Tips for Renting a Dumpster

    Renting dumpsters takes a lot of research and a little forethought. Below are a few of the top tips for renting a dumpster.

    Call at least two local companies for estimates before renting

    • Plan your project and rental in advance (two or more weeks when possible)
    • Understand your capacity needs
    • Make room for the dumpster to be dropped off ahead of time
    • Keep the drop-off area clear of vehicles and debris the day of delivery
    • Double-check approved materials for your dumpster
    • Ensure drop-off area is away from low-hanging wires or awnings
    • Understand how long you can keep a dumpster before renting it

    More Questions About Uses for a 10 Yard Dumpster?

    A 10 yard dumpster is an excellent option for smaller renovation projects, as well as home cleanouts and roofing jobs. Larger projects will generally require a bigger dumpster.

    Do you have more questions about how much you can fit in a 10 yard dumpster?

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