May 17, 2024
    If you're searching for the perfect independent living for seniors facility or community, you do not want to pass up on the following amenities!

    Top Facility Amenities To Look For in Senior Independent Living Homes

    According to research, over one-fifth of the entire American population will be over the age of 65 by the year 2050. This means that a large percentage of US citizens will need to start looking for homes that offer independent living for seniors.

    When searching for a senior independent living community, you need to find the right place that suits your lifestyle and interests. This means that while someone prefers to live in a complex that offers a lot of community experiences, you may prefer a senior living experience that has more solitude and closer to nature.

    The problem with this is, there are so many options when it comes to amenities with independent living for seniors, that it can be nearly overwhelming to know where to begin. 

    If you feel confused about how to select the right amenities for your lifestyle, we got you covered with this article. Keep on reading this informative guide to learn more about all things aged care eastern suburbs and other solutions for aging seniors.

    Know Your Non-Negotiables

    While most of the amenities that independent living centers offer are fun and beneficial, they may not all be your core essentials. Take some time to do some self-reflecting and think about all the amenities you just cannot live without.

    The easiest way to make this list is to start with all the activities that you do not need and add them to one list, as you narrow down on what you do not need, you will begin to reveal your non-negotiables.

    According to a recent study, most senior’s priorities when searching for a retirement community are the amenities. They were most interested in activities that encouraged them to stay physically active, socially connected, and mentally stimulated. 

    To some, a social experience may look like a movie theater, while to others, it may include a nightly happy hour with board games. This all comes doesn’t to your personal interests that stem from your values and non-negotiables.

    Other amenities you may want are a snack service, hair salon, barbershop, convenience stores, entertainment, laundry services, cleaning services, and a fitness center. 

    Decide On a Location 

    Similar to your non-negotiables, the location you decide on will make a major difference in your quality of life in independent living. Start to review different senior homes for sale in Utah, as well as other independent living for seniors locations. This will help you get a feel for how that place will serve you in all months of the year. 

    For example, you may want to relocate to Florida where the weather is warmer, yet, you have to consider the fact that there are hurricane seasons. The same goes for the mountains, while it may be nice to live amongst nature, make sure you aren’t choosing a place that is too cold for you in the winter.

    Investigate the weather year-long before you make a decision on the place you choose to live. You will also need to consider other nearby amenities in addition to the senior homes.

    Ask yourself questions such as:

    • Do you want a mall nearby?
    • Would you like to be near a school to witness children playing in joy?
    • Do you want to be close to a hospital?
    • Is your family nearby?
    • Do you want restaurants or cafes close by?
    • Do you want to go for a nature walk from your building?
    • Do you prefer to live near the beach?

    Once you are clear on the location you desire, your choice of a retirement community will become much easier. 

    Food and Meal Planning

    Depending on the level of senior living you choose, your meal program will vary greatly. For example, if someone is living in a facility that also offers care, they may have meals delivered to them of a hospital-grade.

    If you live in more independent living, you will have your own kitchen to cook if needed, and if you do not feel like the hassle of grocery shopping and cooking, there will also be options to join in for a nice dinner in the restaurant on the property.  

    Decide on Your Level of Comfort

    Independent living for seniors is not one-size-fits-all in terms of comfort, there are many different levels of comfort, which all comes down to your preference and budget.

    Some senior living centers are quite luxurious and come with private shuttles, spas, and situated on fancy golf courses. Other locations are in the middle while offering fine-dining experiences, laundry, hair salons, comfortable beds, modern decor, and cleaning services.  

    Some places like The Cottages at Sanders Glen have a luxury feel, yet are much more affordable than other independent living centers.

    Take Your Time

    When planning on your independent living facility, take your time to make your decision. This is a big move that involves comfort, safety, security, health, and finances, so sit down with your family and go over all of your options.

    Moving into a senior living facility can feel like a step backward for some people, as they believe that they are losing their independence. This could not be further from the truth when it comes to independent living for seniors, because the main priority in most senior homes is to for the residents to maintain as much independence and integrity as possible.

    As we age, everything around us shifts including our friends, family, and activities of daily living. Retirement communities provide a sense of community again, you get a chance to make new friends and have new connections, rather than feeling alone at home.

    Learn More About Independent Living For Seniors

    Now that you know about the top amenities to look for when deciding on the right retirement community, it is time to get looking! 

    There are numerous independent living for seniors centers available, so take a good look at this guide and make your list of your non-negotiables and go from there. 

    If you found this article helpful, please check out more like this under the health, wellness, and lifestyle sections of our blog. 


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